Monday, November 22, 2010

M-Cubed for 11/22/2010

Monday Morning Musings for November Twenty-Second, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Gobble, gobble. Bread is cut for homemade stuffing, pies are getting baked tonight, the bird is about to be thawed.  Almost time for Turkey Day!  This year, we are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for my parents, Marjie's parents, my brothers' families, and my grandma.  My job?  Stay the heck out of the way and do as requested!  Marjie's a pro at these things and hits a homerun each time.  I'm simply her cheer squad and support staff.

- Speaking of Marjie, today marks Day 1 of Year 19 for us.  We celebrated 18 years of marriage yesterday which yes, means we got married very young!  1 year out of high school, we tied the knot about 2.5 miles from where we live today.  Young, know-nothing, and a newby sailor and nursing student, we headed into the unknown in 1992 and it's been great!  We also thought how if we had decided to have kids immediately, we'd have a senior in high school right now.  Gulp!  Glad we waited 9 years for the first one!

- One other little tidbit about Marjie.  She also has a blog and has been posting little snippets each day about thankfulness in celebration of Thanksgiving.  For today's post, she is GIVING AWAY one $10 iTunes card.  No joke!  I know many of you could use this so head on over and post on her blog and she'll draw the name on Thanksgiving Day.  Good luck!

- Another weekend with the Navy is in the books.  For this past weekend, I went somewhere totally new, to Battle Creek, Michigan, the home of Kellogg's.  I swear that every building, convention center, credit union and sign had some mention of them on it.  Everywhere!  In Battle Creek is the headquarters of DLA Disposition Services, one of the branches of the main DLA out of Fort Belvoir, VA.  (DLA = Defense Logistics Agency = the command I am a part of in the Navy = global supplier/supporter of the warfighter)  We had a leadership "huddle" which ended up being a very productive weekend and quite eye-opening.  It was great to see fellow Supply Officers from other DLA units from around the country and work together over the weekend.

- Thanks to "Slim" for the great trail run on Friday at West Branch.  We had the mountain bike trails all to ourselves and knocked out 75min on them just after sunrise.  Clear blue skies, perfectly calm water that we ran along the whole time, and air that just smelled perfect.  No better way to kick off my weekend before hitting the road for Michigan.  Slim and the NEO Trail gang headed to PA for Slim Pickins for the weekend which from what I see on NEO Trail's blog (see my blog roll to the right), it was a GREAT time.  Sorry I missed it!

- For any of you not on Facebook and have become a fan of the WaterFalls Run that I've organized since 2007 on the last weekend of the year, it will take place on Sunday, December 26th this year.  Starting at 8am from Lock 29 in Peninsula, it will visit all 3 main waterfalls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and be about 17 miles.  Afterwards, the Western Reserve Trail Running Awards Lunch will take place at the Winking Lizard...starting around noon or so.

- I finally picked up "48 Days to the Job You Love" on Friday.  I had a 33% off coupon from Borders so I took advantage of it and grabbed this book.  "Uncle" Dave Ramsey talks about it all the time so it'll be my mission to read this book over my FIVE days off this Thanksgiving holiday.  While some of you crazies are tackling fellow crazies on Black Friday, I think I'll curl up with a hot espresso and do some reading!

- My fellow Type A's came out of the woodwork a few days ago after I blogged about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  At least now I know that I'm not alone!!!  Type A's unite!  (or should I say, step on each other to get ahead?  Now that's true Type A!)

Navy IAs (Individual Augmentee) "Boots on Ground" as of November 19, 2010: Active 4,959, Reserve 5,105, Total 10,064.  A "Navy IA" is a Sailor who leaves their assigned unit or command to deploy individually or with a small group.  Most IAs are concentrated in the 26-nation Central Command region, which includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the Horn of Africa. The rest are serving elsewhere in the world.  For me (as a Navy Supply Officer in the Reserve), that is what I'll be when called to go.  This stat from 3 days ago is proof of the role that today's Navy Reserve is playing in the War on Terror in Operations Enduring Freedom and New Dawn.  The Navy's official "IA" website.  I hope you all remember deployed servicemen and women as you gather around this Thanksgiving...for it is them that maintain your freedom to do so each and every year.

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!!!!

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