Monday, October 25, 2010

M-Cubed for 10/25/2010

Monday Morning Musings for October Twenty-Fifth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- 8 days until election day.  Amongst other things like the GOP taking back control of the House and Senate and Ohio reverting back to a GOP governor, it's my town's 3rd try at an operating levy.  I've given every ounce of effort I have been able to muster up in support of this and can't think of anything else I could've done.  Now, it's time for the citizens to stand up for their community and their school.  Tonight is the last official meeting and will be a public town hall forum with the whole administration on hand along with the Board of Education to answer questions from the public.

 - Katherine had her last soccer game on Saturday which was also the championship game.  It was a really good game and ended up in a tie.  The final score was decided via a shoot-out and we lost.  Bummer to lose but in the end, it was a super game and season for both teams so we celebrated by having some authentic Mexican for lunch afterwards and I scooped the last of Billock's Ice Cream to the kids and parents.  The ice cream shop is now closed until Spring 2011.

 - How in the world did the Cleveland Browns beat the defending Super Bowl champs in New Orleans?!  That totally befuddles me.  I'm very happy for the Brownies, though, and hope they bring some of that mojo back to Cleveland with them for their next home game.

 - It was a great "run" but all good things must come to an end.  Back nearly 2 years ago, I started the WRTR (Western Reserve Trail Running) Newsletter with about 200 subscribers.  Today, it is almost to 1700.  It's become THE resource for the latest news and results in our booming trail running community.  Effective immediately, I've handed over the reigns to a fellow trail runner.  I really felt it was time for a fresh, new perspective and for me to take a breather and focus on some other things in my life.  I wish the new editor all the best!

 - Yesterday, I had the pleasure of bleeding off some testosterone with some firepower.  Into the woods went myself and few other friends to use up some ammo and try out some new "toys"...among those, the M4 rifle.  Weapon of choice, I believe, of our soldiers in the war.  I loved it and it was certainly my favorite of the day.  We also shot a 357 Magnum, .45, 9mm, .22, and even some fresh gun powder was ignited.  All-in-all, a super time!

- "oooooohhhhh, weeee!!!  What up with that?  What up with that?" - for you SNL fans, I bet you're laughing right about now.  Love that skit!

 - How I missed it, I do not know.  At the end of the Oil Creek 50K one week ago Saturday, someone actually planned out a marriage proposal!  Very cool and all captured on video.  Check it out here.

- More good news on my budding photography hobby.  2 more magazines asked for a total of 7 photos that I took during September's YUT-C 50K/25K and July's BT50K.  One a trail running magazine and another a womens-only running magazine.  They found them online and asked permission to use them and for the high resolution originals.  Of course, I shared them!  I am really looking forward to seeing more of my photos in print.  Of course, when it happens, I'll share the news on here.

- Speaking of photos, Friday night marked an evening hobbling around railroad tracks and over large boulders besides the Cuyahoga River in downtown Kent.  From a friend's referral, we found a photographer to shoot family photos of us.  We CAN NOT WAIT to see them!!!  If you are familiar with my 36th and 37th Birthday Runs over the last 2 years, I stopped at this location both times and shot some pics.  It was a perfect setting, especially with the fall colors, for a family photo shoot.  Here is her home on Facebook for her business.  I think you'll agree...her photos are amazing and as for cost, she is extremely reasonable.  Enjoy!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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