Monday, April 19, 2010

M-Cubed for 4/19/2010

Monday Morning Musings for April Nineteenth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- The running of the 114th Boston Marathon kicks off this morning in the rural town of Hopkinton, MA and ends in Boston, 26.2 miles later. Sold out at 25,000 runners, it is the crown jewel of marathons and one race many aspire to qualify for and run someday. Full race day information and tracking available
here. You can also watch it online starting at 9:30am at Universal Sports who has exclusive online rights to the marathon.

- Congrats to those who ran in and finished the 2nd Annual
Forget the PR 50K yesterday down on the trails of Mohican! Unbelievably, I still have never run the trails of Mohican. It's not even that far away but for some reason, it's just never happened. Some day...some day.

- It was a great weekend that started early for me on Thursday as my youngest got strep throat for the 3rd time this year. After getting an appointment at the last minute with a highly regarded ENT doctor in Akron, she is getting treated yet again but will be getting her tonsils out soon. Enough is enough of that crud!

- Friday marked my 37th year on Planet Earth. Like last year, I ran my age in miles starting from my home. 37 miles on trails is one thing and is quite forgiving. Running it all on asphalt and concrete is quite another thing altogether. Still, I had a great time but the high humidity and sun did beat me down a bit in the mid to upper 20s. Once past the 32 mile mark, I felt like I came alive again and finished strong. Around Mile 14, I did stop at the Pita Pit in Kent's Acorn Alley for an early lunch. It was oh so good: whole wheat pita with hummus and grilled falafel and at the Pita Pit, you decide the other ingredients just like Subway. I added fresh mushrooms, olives, romaine lettuce, onions, feta, and that sauce you normally find on gyros. Oh my, it was awesome! However, about 5 miles later, my stomach wasn't as excited...running immediately after such a hearty meal wasn't the smartest thing ever but yea, I'd do it again. It was that good. Here are a handful of pics I took along the way including stops to see my parents, my youngest brother's wife/kids/sis-in-law, and my aunt and grandma...oh yea, the Pita Pit guy is in there, too. What an AWESOME way to celebrate my birthday! (you should try it some time)

- Well...Gunner, our 10-week old Black Labrador Retriever, is home. We brought him home on Saturday around lunchtime. Plans were originally on Friday after my 37 miler but things just didn't work out. To be totally honest, it worked out well because I was beat from that run and a good night sleep where I could sleep in was certainly in order. I got my sleep...8 hours of it which is rare for me. Good thing, too...because since he came home, I've had much interrupted sleep and nothing too consistent. He's been good, though. The crate training is going well and he's been in there for up to 5 1/2 hours...just last night, actually. He made it without an accident and made it out the front door without letting his bladder loose. Yea, we've had a few accidents inside but only 2. We have learned very quickly that leaving him alone to just a few minutes is a mistake. I was shaving before church yesterday and I thought nothing of him zonked out under the kitchen table. When I checked on him mid-shave, his mouth was wrapped around a spindle of a chair. puppy teeth on relatively soft wood....I don't think so! So much can happen in such a short period of time with him, we are POSITIVE! The girls are getting along with him well, though, and really enjoy running him ragged outside followed by him crashing once he gets back inside. Only teamwork will get us through these puppy days!

- Looking forward, the Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon is coming up in under 2 weeks down in Cincinnati.  Marjie and Amy will be running their first one and I'm going along to provide as much oink-motivation as I can to make sure their curly tails cross that finish line running.  They'd better if they expect me to wear that piggy nose the whole way.  It'll be fun to be down in Cincy for the marathon weekend.  The Pig is one of the best organized marathons I've ever done and it really is a great time.

- Prior plans had me running the MMT 100 two weeks later.  As you know, I withdrew my registration from that event over a month ago.  Today, I have zero regrets and am very glad I bowed out.  Certainly not a popular decision for some folks with an opinion but in the end, it's my 2 legs and my head who has to drive those 2 legs over 100 miles of rocks and it was the right decision for ME.  That's all that matters.  I am rooting for others who will be going and also for some on the waiting list who are nearly in the event, assuming more folks drop out in the last few days while the great refund policy is still in place.

- More exciting for me is the prospect of running my next 100-miler at
Oil Creek this October.  As long as the Navy and my body will allow, I'd love to run Oil Creek each year.  I doubt life will align just right year after year but for now, I'll give it a shot.  The 50K and 100K events are already sold out at Oil Creek and the 100-miler will sell out as well in the not-too-distant future.  61 of 125 available spots have been claimed.  Unlike last year where I stacked event after event and 3 100-milers, 2010 is becoming a year to lay low, run a few key events, help others, and just have fun running when and where I want to with no specific agenda.  That is REALLY nice.  It's nice, too, to watch others setting and achieving their goals. It's my year of decompression and I like it.  It's really provided a nice balance with family, too, and I'm home more which can never hurt.

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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Trail Boy said...

Happy Birthday. I'm going to have to try your birthday run sometime. Great idea. Have fun at the Pig.