Monday, April 12, 2010

M-Cubed for 4/12/2010

Monday Morning Musings for April Twelfth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!  WOO HOO!!!  The best part?  Friday.  That's my birthday and the day I
get to run my age in miles.  If you didn't catch the post I put up over the weekend, look after this post for the route I planned.  Just like last year, I'll get my girls on the bus with the goal of being back to my house before they get home at the end of the day.  I shouldn't have a problem as long as I keep my tail movin'!  I'm as excited or more for this run than a lot of races I pin a number on for.  Strange, don't ya think?!  Here's hoping for sunny skies!

- I know many of my friends wear the
Brooks Cascadia trail shoes.  As part of my Brooks ID sponsorship, I got a pair.  I LOVE these shoes!  They are so comfortable and full of cushion.  I wish I hadn't waited so long to get a pair.  I don't think I'd wear them on a very rocky course due to minimal toe protection but for everything else (the majority of my trail runs),  they are perfect.  Awesome mesh upper which allows for maximum water flow when I have to go through water and some really aggressive tread below.  No complaints!

- "You know, he runs 40 miles at a time."  That's what Cheryl was told by someone at church when she was telling them who was adopting Gunner, the black lab who we'll add to our family at the end of this week...maybe after my run on Friday.  Cheryl was saying how I want to run with Gunner and the "concerned" party was letting Cheryl know just how far I run sometimes.  No worries!!!  Gunner and I will only take hikes for awhile with some running thrown in here and there...on the trails, of course.

- Speaking of Gunner, he's awesome!  We visited him for the 2nd time last night to drop off a chew toy and old towel from home.  The idea is that his sister (Chloe) and his mom's (Chelsea) scent will get on it so when we bring him home, he'll have some familiarity to cling on to to make the transition easier.  We also dropped off a bag of food we'll be using so Cheryl can start transitioning him to it through the week.  Dog food research was exhausting!  So many options and even more opinions on what to and what
not to feed him.  Just like I watch what I eat and don't eat trash, I want the same for him.  I quickly learned that corn as the #1 ingredient along with wheat products and animal "by-products" (ground up pieces of animals--yuck!) were things common in the cheap brands and were things to stay away from.  The search then went to what's affordable...yet quality.  You know, like buying a Honda!!!  (my Honda friends understand that joke)  We found ourselves choosing Diamond dog food, in particular this large breed puppy Lamb & Rice Formula.

- Haven't seen Gunner yet?  
Here are some pics from our first two visits.  He's awesome!

- My Navy weekend this past weekend was cut short for a few reasons...unnecessary to go over here on my blog, but it gave me all day yesterday to be HOME.  So thankful for that.  Before so, I got to meet Mike K. down north of Columbus for a brand new trail run in Alum Creek State Park.  We met at the base of a dam that holds back a reservoir which is surrounded by the park.  We ran (except for the beginning mile and last mile) on gorgeous mountain bike trails for 11 miles.  I think I took my best picture ever during this run of a flower.  This time of year has plenty of opportunities to capture Spring springing and I'm constantly on a search for this God-ordained beauty on the trails.  The picture is below and here are a few other really good pics from our run and the trails we ran on.  One of my favorite things about these trails were the multitude of little wooden bridge crossings and the quick dips and rises on the a fast roller-coaster.  We hope to re-visit the trails in May and cover the north section of the park where the bridal trails are.  

- Remember the telescoping 20' flagpole I put up to fly Old Glory a few weeks back?  Well, we've had some really windy days to test it out and I have to say, I am 110% satisfied with my purchase.  It has done extremely well and that flag NEVER gets tangled or wrapped up.  Plus, I get a smile on my face every time I look up at it waving in the wind or hear it waving through our bedroom walls.

- To all of you heading to Bean Town and to the Forget the PR 50K this weekend down at Mohican State Park, HAVE A BLAST!!!  I've never been to either but I know both are great experiences.  I'll be watching as many of you and your results as I can keep track of.  Get 'er done!!!!

- For my trail running peeps...what are your plans for the first weekend in December this year?  Open calendar as of now?  Let me fill that for you.  Write down the Bigfoot 50K.  It's a new 50K in Salt Fork State Park which is an extremely easy drive down I-77, northeast of Columbus.  Even better and more of a draw is the 3-Person Relay option.  You don't need to be able to run 31.2 miles to participate.  Get 2 of your trail running friends and each run 10+ miles for the relay!  Trails are typically in very good shape in early December since the snow has yet to come much at all...if any.  
Here's the website and the Facebook Fan Page if you want to learn more.  I'll be there!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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Clara said...

Happy early birthday in case I forget! My bday's next Monday; hopefully we'll both get some good weather.

Gunner is adorable!

I'll put the December race on my calendar- Columbus is closer than Mohican!