Saturday, April 10, 2010

37 Mile 37th Birthday Run Route

Only 6 days to go!  Some go to Boston to run the Boston Marathon, others will be running next Friday, but I am really looking forward to my own "official" event.  So far, registration is full!  ONE!  I had a feeling that I was creating a potential ritual last year as I ran 36 miles on my 36th birthday (last year's report).  Well, let's give it one more go for 37 miles this year.

Last last year, the routine is this: get my girls on the school bus and be on the road running around 8am and be back in time for them to get off the bus.  As before, I will leave from Rootstown and spend the first 7 miles with Marjie and Amy as they will be running their last long run of 12 miles before the Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon next month.  After I say my goodbyes, I'll head into Brimfield following a rural, rolling, scenic route that will actually include parts of the Buckeye Trail that are on Lynn Road.  Leaving Brimfield, I'll enter Kent, following Franklin Street past my favorite Kent restaurant, The Pufferbelly.  This will be around Mile 14 and I'm going to stop in the new Acorn Alley just up Route 59 to catch an early lunch at the Pita Pit.  They have some wonderful wheat, vegetarian pitas that I love.  After a brief stop/lunch, I'll head back down towards the Pufferbelly and down to the viewing area besides the Cuyahoga River.  Coming up from being riverside, I'll run by the Kent Library then head east on Route 59 again and turning left on Water St towards Brady Lake Road.  I'll take Brady Lake Rd. leaving the downtown Kent area, all the way to Ravenna.  Once I get to the Balloon-a-Fair grounds, I'll re-join Route 59 and head to the Portage County courthouse and the Veterans Memorial.  Just across the street is my barber shop so I'll be sure to stop in a see Heather and DJ at DJ's Barber Shop.  That should be around Mile 22+.  After sneaking a pic of Heather, I'll return to Route 59 via the neighborhoods until I get to New Milford Road and then head south towards Rootstown.  Entering Rootstown, I'll stay on New Milford until reaching Sandy Lake Road where I'll turn right and head to Billocks' Ice Cream.  Doubtful I'll have any ice cream at this time, but I'll certainly stop by later in the day!  (are you a Fan, yet???  Become one here!)  Crossing Prospect St., I'll continue on through the "S" curves on Sandy Lake Rd until I reach the 5-corner stop then turn left on Rootstown Road.  About a mile later will include a few quick stops as I stop to see my parents, my brother's (Jim) house, and my Grandma Mary's house. All very extremely brief stops but it's part of the journey!  Once I've said my "Hello" and "Goodbye's", I'll rejoin the Buckeye Trail on Lynn Rd and head east back to New Milford Rd where I'll turn right and head south to Cook Road.  Turning right, I'll return to my subdivision where I live and BAM!  37 MILES!!!  
Yes, I'll take lots of pictures.  Yes, I'm a bit crazy.  Yes, I refuse to be normal.  What better way to spend my birthday?!  That pecan ball later that day is going to taste soooooo good!

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Mark Carroll said...

Sounds like a blast! Happy Birthday. Have fun!!