Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Just Want To Feel Good

Wasn't that great?! I think I've seen nearly all of those movies and during many of those scenes, I remember the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. I think I'd have to add a scene from "A Few Good Men" to make it perfect, though!

What makes you feel "good"? I'll tell you what doesn't: nightmares...or just really bad dreams. I've awoke at my normal 3:30am or 4:30am times three times this week with a sore jaw from gritting and grinding my teeth all night due to downright crappy dreams. I only recall one of them clearly. I was deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan as an infantry soldier in the middle of a firefight. In the Navy, this is not my role, by the never has been. But in this dream, it was...and it felt more real than ever. That dream stayed with me all day that day at work. I was physically drained and upset for hours. Anyway, the week progressively got worse and today ended up being a mental health/re-charge day and a day called off sick from work. At this past January's Buckeye Trail 50K when it was 22F for the high temp, inches of snow on the trail, and I was snifflin', coughin', had a fever, I still ran that race and placed 5th overall...and felt wonderful while running it. Immediately thereafter, I was more sick than before...but the race was worth it. Today, I was not nearly as miserable but I took my own advice and laced up the Wasatch's and hit the trails for 13 euphoric miles...alone. Some leaves had already started to fall on the Buckeye Trail and the smell of Fall was in the air...just unbelievably perfect in every way. I averaged about 10:36 per mile which is a really nice pace on the trails...around 5.7 to 5.8 miles per hour and it felt E A S Y. That'll be the longest I'll run before the YUT-C 50K in less than 9 days from now. Speaking of YUT-C, they are way ahead of registration numbers from any previous year so if you want in, you'd better get in now before it sells out. Next week will be treated as a taper week like any other and then it's game time: YUT-C + 7 days = Akron Marathon + 14 days = Oil Creek 100 Mile Endurance Run. Time to run smart, use my head, do nothing stupid, and have 3 successful races, celebrated with one big mutha of a buckle at the end.

Happy Trails, everyone!


ArmyNavyGame said...

Great blog, Nick. Great video. March is not that far away. Hope you enjoy your month off. I'm drilled out, too. See you in October.

Nick Billock said...

HA! You have a blog! SWEEEEETTT!!! Welcome to my 'world'!!!

See you in October...I'll bring my buckle. :-)