Monday, August 3, 2009

M-Cubed for 8/3/09

Monday Morning Musings for August 3rd, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- 27 hours, 11min! My 2nd 100-miler is in the books! Not just my 2nd, but my 2nd in eight weeks! "Redemption at the River" certainly was fulfilled and the race report by that same name will be published later this week/weekend.

- I think some key highlights are due in absence of the race report this morning. Some things really stood out and will be forever memorable.
* Meeting fellow ultrarunners from across the country who I had never met in person before.
* The bus driver getting lost AGAIN for the 2nd year in a row on the way to the start on Saturday.
* Seeing my parents at Mile 42 after returning from the Carriage Trail. TOTAL surprise!
* Spending the last 40 miles with Kellie T., who paced me and kept me moving. Kellie ran her first 100 miler last year so she had the perfect experience to keep me moving. THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you did, Kellie! YOU ROCK!
* I never got fully dehydrated (as indicated by my hairs standing up on my arm. Amazing accomplishment given the temps.
* The high temperature was about 87F for the day and full sun but the clouds did roll in as the day progressed. Amen!
* Having Marjie, my brother, and my sister-in-law at both Boston Store aid stations (Miles 56/60.6) and at Happy Days (mile 70.3). My dad was at Mile 70.3, too.
* Coming into Pine Lane Aid Station at Mile 65. Red and her SARC team were SOOOOO loud when a runner emerged from the Buckeye Trail that no one (unless unconscious) could get in (or out) of that aid station without a grin from ear to ear. She's already posted her report as well. Thank you to all of you! YOU ROCK!!! (I loved the pierogies, too...with onions!)
* Again, it's food related. Maria made my favorite snowballs and at Mile 70.3 and 96.4 and she was there with them! YUM! Maria volunteered a ton...thanks so much!
* Laying down for just a minute on the Overlook boulders on the Ledges Trail and staring up at the sky. I never thought a boulder could be so comfortable. The silence of the night was brilliant, as well. (the race report will explain)
* Falling asleep...while running/walking. (eyes shut)...race report will give full details on this one
* The webcast: Jim Chaney did a phenomenal job on the webcast. It is extremely rare (maybe even non-existent) for a 100 miler to have a webcast with fast/reliable updates for each and every aid station. It made it easy for family/friends to monitor our status...and slowing...over the distance. Also a highlight that Jim ran his 2nd 100-miler and accomplished all of his goals placing 8th overall. Way to go, Jim!
* While I loved all of the aid stations, the Covered Bridge lived up to everything I heard. Tanya Cady and her crew had some fantastic food out there and hugely positive energy...great for the middle of the night in a downpour. I had a hot, grilled cheese sandwich and some yummy pasta salad. Both hit the spot. It was also great to finally meet Tom Jennings, Race Director of the Oil Creek 100 this October.
* Rocking out the last 2 miles and running nearly the entire way (while being cattle-prodded by my pacer, Kellie!)
* Running the last 1/4 mile and crossing the finish line with both of my girls holding my hands. Finally!

- OK, I ended the highlights because if I don't stop, this will turn into a race report and I simply don't have the mental fortitude nor the time for that this morning!

- Rest and Relaxation are on tap for this week. No work until August 10th and some time down in southern Ohio in the woods and in a cabin with my family. But...guess what? The Buckeye Trail goes directly through the back yard of our cabin. I see some recovery time taking place out there later this week!

- A bunch of pics that Marjie and my sister-in-law took are available here. I'm sure more will come as the days pass.

- Since I'm drawing a blank right now (and my legs have turned to cement while I've typed this), that's enough M-Cubed for today. I'll be sure to gather my thoughts and share them later this week. Thank you all of you for your support both via e-mail and in person over the weekend. As they say, it was PRICELESS!!!!

Happy Trails, everyone!


Sensationally Red said...

You did an awesome job out there!! Congrats!

allthistoo said...

Congratulations! I can't wait for your full race report. I am going to save it for when I have a nice hot latte and am settled in for a good read.