Friday, August 7, 2009

BR100 Pictures in Video

It's been a great week of relaxing in the southeastern hills of Ohio, nestled in a cabin absent of internet or cell phone coverage. Immediately after my Burning River 100 finish on Sunday, my family and I hit the road for a 4-day "stay"-cation here in Ohio and it was really, really nice. I did run a very easy 29min 3-miler on Monday morning to help facilitate recovery, hiked for hours on Tuesday, walked a lot at the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday, then got in a very nice grassy 6.4 mile trail run last night with a large 30+ group of fellow runners. I finally got a chance to run with Red whom I've been trying to run with for months and months. We just kept "avoiding" each other, I suppose. Afterwards, we gave the waitstaff at the Winking Lizard a run for their money and a very large group of rowdy, energy-filled runners took it over. It really was a great night to relax and hang out with friends. For today (Friday), it's another rest day and then tomorrow, I'll run with Vertical Runner on the first of our organized group runs on the "Blue Line"...the Akron Marathon course. It's hard to believe fall marathon season is just around the corner. Overall, recovery is going very well. I do believe, however, that both big toenails are in serious jeopardy after running two 100-mile events eight weeks apart. Who knows...maybe a pic or two will surface.....

Speaking of pictures, many have surfaced this week of the BR100. With so many emotions surrounding the event and the incredible experience that so many had, not only the runners but also the volunteers and spectators, I put together an amateur video montage of some of the best pictures I could find and set them to some music. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Trails, everyone!

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Good job on the BR100!