Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ready to Laugh Your Tail Off?

Sometimes, we just need to laugh. That is the whole point of this post make you laugh and laugh hard. This first one will be a huge hit for the Star Wars fans out there. John Williams is the composer of many themes such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, etc. This one-man, 4-part acapella compilation will have your sides hurting and you'll watch it over and over. Enjoy! (turn your speakers on for all of these!)

Of course, no post would fit on my blog without even a mention of running so here's to post-marathon soreness...a commercial made by Flora, the title sponsor of the London Marathon. Enjoy!

Anyone out there a "Heroes" fan? I am. If you've never seen it, this next one won't make much sense. But if you haven't missed an episode (like me!), you'll enjoy it.

At over 68 million views on YouTube, this next one had better have your eyes watering. Young or old, you'll love this baby. Gather the family around for this one!

This next one is currently the most-viewed video ever on YouTube at over 105 MILLION views: The Evolution of Dance. Enjoy!

The last one...From the DVD 'Speedmouse' performed live at the Sydney Opera House, this is one of their most well-known performances, seen in full. Enjoy! The song is "Canon in D Major - Pachelbel"

Well, now that we've all laughed hard together, it's time to spend some time together on the trails, don't you think?!?! If I hear of one more person running on a treadmill.... It's never too cold or nasty to go out for a run, people!!! For now, the forecast is in the mid-20s for the start of the Tecumseh Trail Marathon this Saturday morning in the Yellowwood State Forest in Bloomington, IN with highs in the 30s....PERFECT! Of course, I'll post a race report just as soon as I can. I'll be celebrating marathon #23!!! Now back to my carbo load...

Happy Trails, everyone!


Anonymous said...

You should love this race (Tecumseh) I ran it last year with Josh and Marla (though quite a ways behind them...) and it was great.

The last hill they painted on the road surface "LAST HILL" It was a very welcome note.

I know both Josh and I have posts on our blogs post race if you want to do some research.

Mike Keller

Clara said...

Just an FYI...the last .25 miles of the race is really annoying. You have to run up some paved hill ( I don't know if that was considered the "last hill" or not) and the finish line seemed to take forever. Maybe I just felt like that because the trails kicked my butt. Hmm...