Thursday, December 11, 2008

Parting Thoughts - post Tecumseh

After having a few days to digest a 6-man road trip to Indiana, exchange a bunch of e-mails and Facebook messages, read some others' race reports, and read my own race report a couple of times, I thought a wrap-up of Tecumseh was in order before moving on. In no particular order, here are some take-aways:

1. "Shhhhhhhhh.....just let it happen." You'll just have to hit the trails with me to find out what this is all about. This is the Gold Medal winning quote of the trip. Hint: Brandon, VR, and Greg are also witnesses...with Greg having the evidence in hand. Enough said!

2. Never underestimate a course before you get there. "Hey, it's only 26.2 miles" can be deadly words. "If I can run 50+ miles up multiple mountains in Virginia, then how hard can 26.2 be in "flat" Indiana?" HA!

3. I really have some great running friends. This trip would've been so boring alone. Insert 5 other trail runners on a 6 hr road trip and suddenly, it's a party. Good times!

4. Aladdin's the day after a marathon really hits the spot. Thanks to Greg's GPS phone, he found an Aladdin's on the northwest corner of Columbus. We stopped for some grub 2 hrs before getting home on Sunday and it was fantastic...perfect post-marathon meal.

5. I really do like buffalo! At our post-race hangout,, I had one of the best burgers ever. This was a really cool brew-pub. Mix your traditional brew-pub fare with a menu full of vegetarian options....and there you have Upland. A cool atmosphere, no smoke, great menu, great location in downtown Bloomington, only 4 miles from the hotel, and a table for 6. No better way to wrap up an awesome day on the trails.

6. While I really love running the trails and the road trip, I was once again reminded how much I miss home. This was a really quick trip, but it once again reminded me that home really is the place to be. Luckily, with texting, Facebook, e-mails, and great cell phone coverage, staying in contact is easy. Still, it's good now-and-then to get a reminder of where my place in this world is.

7. I found a few other bloggers with race reports. Here's one from Indiana who found me somehow in cyberspace. Good race report even though he beat me! I guess we spent mile one together, though. His experience sounds on par with mine.

8. Feeling good after a marathon and more so, a trail marathon, is no true indication how you are physically beneath your outer layer of skin. I got my traditional post-marathon deep tissue massage by Lori Roosa on Tuesday night. Again, famous last words spoken on the table before she began: "I actually feel pretty good and not too messed up!" Lori is superb at within seconds, identifying if I'm out of alignment, I'm tilted to one side or the other (very common from road marathons), I'm twisted, and many other things. While I'd run twice already since Tecumseh, I found out that she found something new. My legs were actually "twisted"...mostly beneath my kneecaps. With the incredibly slick conditions on the trails, this makes sense. Miles of my legs going in every direction could do this. Once again, I grit my teeth and endured the necessary discomfort while she put me back in place. I preach recovery, recovery, RECOVERY to anyone who asks and I fully believe that a good, technical massage post-marathon (and beyond) is a requirement. How I feel and how I actually am are almost always completely different. What I THINK I know is always off from what reality is. Lori sets me on the path to a quality recovery. After her, lots of water and some more rest allows proper healing, blood flow, and the best way to re-enter training once again. If interested, she works out of her studio in Mantua, works at the Summa wellness center on Route 91 in between Stow and Hudson, and could possibly make a house call (like she does for me).

Notice how bare my 2009 schedule is over to the right? One stinkin' event...the winter 50K. I really need to start committing to some races! My goal is to not let the clock strike midnight on New Year's Eve without the main events committed to. One hundred miler? Two, perhaps? Have you helped me decide yet by voting on the right? I know, for sure, that there will be multiple 50Ks, perhaps a road marathon or two, and at least one hundred miler. From what I hear, many of you are tossing around your options as well. My ultimate goal in 2009 (much like 2008) is crossing the finish line of a hundred miler, but also to volunteer much more and support local/regional events. Lloyd's Fools Day 50K in April is certainly on my list as a must-do for 2009. I'd love it if you'd share your schedule with me and the world by commenting below.

Since I have Friday off this week, I'll be heading to the trails for a recovery run...hopefully for around 90 minutes. Also, if you haven't marked your calendars for our 2nd Annual WaterFalls 30K fun run on the last Saturday of the year, be sure to do so. We'll leave Lock 29 at 7:30am for a celebratory trail run while we close out 2008. Join us!

Happy Trails, everyone!


Kim said...

Did I answer this already?
I'm running 4 100's in 2009. There is no reason you can't do the same.
Run Mohican. It's in your backyard, it will set you up for BR. OR just run the 50 miler at Mohican.
Have you made up your mind about Grindstone? Nice fall ultra...and you could run Cheat Mountain 50 Miler in WV as a training run.
I am planning on Ancient Oaks in FLA in December. It's almost a FA 100...besides, that will get me my FLA for the 50 States club,

Nick Billock said...

Hmmmm, 4 100s in 2009. You are certifiably nuts! No, I can not do the same...perhaps physically but that kind of schedule would require a time commitment far in excess of what I will allow. Running is important...yes. But, it is not Numero Uno. I can't even begin to imagine how my family time would be destroyed with that type of schedule. I am leaning more and more to Burning River only with multiple 50Ks and a 50miler thrown in there. I'm not even thinking past August right now and Fall 2009. There are lots of great fall events that I'd like to do (ie: Hellgate which is going on RIGHT NOW) but that scheduling will have to be put on the back burner for at least another 6 months. By the way, MO is a bad weekend for me...Navy commitments.
Best of luck to you in 2009, Kimba! Stay injury free!