Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Changed. Permanent. Forever. These are all words that are inevitable in each of our lives and those around us. On a global scale, just think of where the world was 100 years ago when our dependence on oil simply didn't exist like today. Think of how that has changed our world and everything around it. The computer you read this on has petroleum products IN it...it's everywhere. That "change" has had a permanent and forever change on the environment. The petroleum-based products we discard today will outlast us and future generations. How about our democratic elections here in the United States? Some countries will go decades without a change in leadership. We have the freedom to change every 4 years. That change brings about even more change...both good and bad, depending on your perspective and political leanings, of course! As I woke up on Wednesday this week, I heard the news of our new president and Commander-in-Chief. I take that last part a bit more seriously than most as I still serve in the Navy Reserve. Knowing that the call will eventually come to support the War on Terror, the position of Commander-in-Chief and its occupant matters greatly. With that said, I've always committed to keep my blog free of politics and political leanings and I won't change now. What I WILL say is that while digesting the outcome yesterday morning, I had 103.3FM on and heard Mark Z. say basically, that when at times so much will change, so much will stay the same. In times of struggle, disbelief, pain, suffering, joy, adoration, stress, hopelessness, excitedness, I think it best to focus on that which will never change and is a Rock. "Focus on the positive" is what I always say. "Seek the upside and make every day the best it can be" are ways to channel your energies to things benefiting you and those around you. For me, it would be my faith and its never-changing place at the forefront of my life. Democratic, Republican, Independent...it is none of these. Those things will always change...for that we can be sure.
So friends...reflect on the past 4 years. Reflect on the last 20, for that matter. Look forward to the next 20. Just don't seek out and dwell on the negative...find the positive and be sure your foundation for every thought, word, and action is grounded deep and firm. You can apply this concept to nearly every aspect of life, and yea...running, too. Give it a try. I feel like I was forever-changed due to the Masochism this past Saturday. With such a grueling course, I really had to dig deep to remain positive and keep moving forward. I certainly found things out about myself and had lots of time to reflect and ponder nearly every part of my life, as it currently is. I found that moving forward, regardless of the obstacles, pain, and discomfort...can be extremely rewarding in the end. Everything will pass in time...good and bad. Forge on and keep your mind and head up!
Today, I've included a few pics my dad and I took during our rest break on our drive home on Sunday. They are from the Grandview area of the New River Gorge in West Virginia. Some gorgeous views up there! My recovery has gone very well this week. I had my most painful, but necessary deep tissue massage on Monday night. On Tuesday, I ran an easy 4 miles and felt good. I took Wednesday off for more recovery and tissue rebuilding. Today, I ran an easy 5.5 and again, felt great. This Saturday, I'll be back in my "element" on the trails in the park with friends. I hope to cover around 15 or so all on the trails....ahhhh, it'll feel good! No giant rocks, either! Oh yea, one result of the Masochist I'm not so thrilled with: I've lost the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th toenails on each foot many times over the years so no big deal there. However, I've never lost a big toe nail. I fear the left may be in jeopardy for the first time. I am NOT happy about that! I'm crossing my fingers that it'll hang on, but it's not looking too good right now!

Race apps are out for the Thanksgiving Race and New Year's Eve Race! Links are at the top right of my blog. I'm also looking forward to our 2nd Annual Waterfalls Trail Run on the last Saturday of the year...a 30K trek to the Buttermilk, Blue Hen, and Brandywine Falls areas...all via the Buckeye Trail. Stay tuned for more details! I'm also excited to hear of a new April Fools 50K/25K in the Kendall Lake area...still waiting for some more details. Lastly, a huge SHOUT OUT to Greg D. for finally qualifying for Boston this past Sunday at the Inland Trail Marathon in Elyria, OH. Lloyd has pics of it posted on his blog (see link on the right >>>>>>).

Have a great end of the week and an even better weekend! I hope to see some of you this Saturday morning!

Happy Trails, everyone!


Sensationally Red said...

Nice post. Running and training is the template I use to live one day at a time...moving forward and looking to the positive. Before I had running I was one that got mired by the negetive. I still fight it, but running keeps me moving toward my goals.

Greg said...

Thanks for the shout out, Bro!

Can't wait to get off the roads now and back on the trails. Tehcumseh is going to be awesome. So looking forward to it!