Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Title Sums Up This Post

That last post was fun. I got a lot of funny feedback but no one mentioned anything about my Bush's Kidney Beans mixed with low fat cottage cheese. I get a lot of twisted faces when I mix that up during lunch each day. Don't knock it until you try it! The funny thing about that post is that I had no intention of writing it until the idea came to me once I hit the road on the run. Be careful out there...weird and crazy things can happen.

This past week wasn't too shabby. It started out pretty rough at work on Monday but Tuesday brought Veterans Day and a day off. Instead of running the trails, I suited up in my uniform with the intention of speaking to my daughters' kindergarten and 2nd grade classes about Veterans Day. Well, the word spread and after 5 hours at the school, I had spoken to 12 classes in all. I had a blast and I think the kids enjoyed it, too. It was a challenge, however, to switch gears when going from 5th graders to kindergarteners. Comprehension levels is just a tad bit different. A few days later, my daughter brought home a stack of hand-made thank you cards from the kindergarten class. That was the icing on the cake.

Wednesday and Thursday were wisked away as fast as humanly possible with the intent of getting to Friday ASAP. Friday was a day off and a day for a long run on the trails for 3 to 4 hours. With temps in the low 50s and trail conditions ranging from wet to extremely muddy, it was a great run. I parked at Pine Lane and took the Valley Bridle Trail over to Wetmore, followed the BR100 course for a bit, hit Butler Trail, took a right on Langes Run and returned to Wetmore. I then crossed the barricade and circled all of Wetmore. That was the muddiest part of the day and the shoes got totally mud/water soaked. I continued on to the Pine Hollow area off Quick Rd. and picked up Salt Run for a bit, then crossed A/P and jumped back on the Valley Bridle back to Pine Lane. I saw a countless number of deer, especially out around Wetmore/Butler/Langes Run. When there's a train of runners yappin' down the trail, a lot of wildlife scatters. However, when running solo and the only noise is trail shoes on fallen leaves, the likelihood of spooking animals and getting spooked go dramatically upward. So was the case for me. Since the coat of fur on the deer has turned more dirty brown/gray, they blend in with the tall browning grasses. There was one time when we both got spooked...I was so close I could reach out and touch him/her. The highlight was halfway through Butler Trail when I froze in my tracks. Now I'm no hunter, but I know a buck when I see one. I counted either 12 or 14 points on this beautiful animal. I took one step towards him just to get a better look and he took off, leaping high and powerfully. I just don't know how hunters pull the trigger. I, for one, could never do it.

Round trip was 11.75 miles. Once back to Pine Lane, I decided to do and out-n-back to the Boston Store. When the day was over, I logged 19.8 miles in 3.5 hours (remember the odd-ball 0.2 mile extra from my last post?!?!?) and ended up with 40 miles for the week. Not too shabby on a 4-day run week and only 14 days after Masochist. Here on Saturday, I feel like I didn't even run yesterday. All systems go! I will attribute part of today to how I immediately recovered. I made up the recommended Hammer Whey/Hammer Heed recovery drink and drank it within minutes of finishing. I followed it up with a healthy diet the rest of the day with plenty of protein, starting with my favorite Hummus Falaffel Rolled Pita from Aladdin's. YUM!

OK, guys...ever go to Hobby Lobby? Well, neither had I until yesterday. I was searching for some supplies for my 7 year old's school project that my wife said that "Hobby Lobby will DEFINATELY have that!" No kidding. Guys, take it from me: unless you're one part girly, stay away from this place. It is beyond overwhelming. I could not wait to get out of there. Walking in the front door, it was like getting body-slammed with a mountain of Chinese-made inventory of Christmas decor straight off the container ship at the pier. I understand: to some this is heaven. Not to this non-crafty, non-decorating, no-hobby guy. I was in sensory overload. (If it were up to me, I'd have marathon posters and medals hanging on my walls at home with a candle here and there.) I found the tiny little animals that we needed for our project and forgot any soreness from the run and sprinted for the checkout. Ahhh, my 2nd finish line for the day!

OK, feel free to comment on my last topic for today's post. (yea, I know today's post is a bit long but a "blog" is an online diary of thoughts...and mine [thoughts, that is] is spilling over today) It's the Kettle Moraine 100 Mile Endurance Run. It is held June 6th and 7th next year, 2 months ahead of Burning River. It's northwest of Chicago in Wisconsin...or more precisely, here. Essentially, I don't want to wait until August to tackle the distance again. My prime training season is the winter and I will mostly likely (as long as injuries stay away) come out of it stronger and fitter. The KM100 is comprised of 2 out-n-back sections. The first is 100K (62.4 miles) and the rest is about 38 miles, a different out-n-back. From what I hear, it's not as technical as our beloved BT or nearly as hilly, but it does rack up 12,000 feet of elevation gain. Weather is the X-factor. Just about anything could happen. Last year it hit 92F, 100% humidity, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings. It's a total crap shoot....but so is BR100. Support and organization have a great reputation from everything I've heard within the ultra community. The picture to the right is Clementina from Peru holding the hand-made Kettle...the prize for crossing the finish line. Not a buckle, but very unique and a prized possession in its own right. You can vote in my very own poll over on the right side of this page.

Happy Trails, everyone!


Kim said...

Hmmmm, *someone* thought I was crazy for running 2 100's in a summer (that was you, wasn't it?)

Heck, go for it.
My only other recommendation though, is you have a 100 Miler right in your backyard: Mohican.

Nick Billock said...

I also said Vince was nuts for doing Masochist...and now look what I've done. Craziness is contagious, I's certainly addictive.

Lloyd said...

KM100 intrigues. If I don't get into MMT, I might consider.

Good luck with your training, and choice.

Sensationally Red said...

Whew! You were all over the place with this one. Aladin's is good healthy stuff--a favorite!

Thanks for the tip..I'll make sure I'll stay out of that craftsy hobby of my failings as a mother, but I just hate that stuff.