Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Masochism: Conquered

I'm way too tired to edit all the pics my dad took or write a report, but I promise, it's all coming. In the meantime:
Finished in 10hrs, 50min, 8sec

90 of 185 finishers.
There were 256 starters.

No doubt, the toughest, most brutal ultra I've ever done. Hills like you can't even imagine in NE Ohio....and they're relentness and seemingly, never ending. Try about 10 miles straight of them with no break. 9200 ft of gain, 7200 ft of loss.

Check back soon for the full report. By the way, before filling your water bottle with fluids, ASK what it is you are pouring in. There was one aid station that I filled my Nathan bottle with Mountain Dew. No wonder it popped under pressure the first time I went for a drink!

Yes, the trails were happy today!


Kim said...

Yay Nick!!! Good finishing time for that race too.
Yeah, those "hills" down VA are a bit bigger than anything we have in Ohio.

Lloyd said...

Excellent! Looking forward to the report.

Sensationally Red said...'re hardcore...

Congrats!! Can't wait for the grueling detailed report.