Saturday, October 11, 2008

trails, Trails, TRAILS!

This morning's trail run was more of a party atmosphere with the 5 others who showed up at Happy Days at 7am. Both Brian M. and I essentially were competing to see how many pics we could take for our blogs/Facebook and wherever else we post these things. Heck, he even grabbed a shot with him and the National Park worker unlocking the gate at Virginia Kendall.

Instead of spilling my mental guts on this post, I shot lots of video and here they all are. For you readers who run the trails, this is all familiar territory. For family/friends who simply check in on me from time to time and may not even run, maybe the videos will shed some light on the "why" I get out there at every opportunity there is. I also shot about 17 still pics as well. View them here. Absolutely gorgeous fall foliage!

Ledges Trail

Lake Trail

Salt Run Trail ending at Kendall Lake at sunrise

Boston Run Trail

Happy HAPPY Trails, everyone!


Sensationally Red said...

Your videos were very nice, but I much prefer when you spill your mental guts. Those are gorgeous trails.

Nick Billock said...

Ah, shucks....thanks, Red! (is "shucks" actually a word?!?)
Isn't this time of year absolutely gorgeous?!

Brian said...

Nice videos Nick... I had a great time!