Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jumping the Gun

So it's only October...what's wrong with planning out 2009? I thought I had a pretty good plan with my 50/50/100/100 plan but just one problem, I doubt the 3rd component of the plan is going to happen. Nothing official, just a gut feeling...that being the Green Jewel 100K. If I remove that from the plans, that leaves a huge hole between the end of March and August 1st. Doing a trail 50-miler that far before August with no other events equal to or in excess of 50 miles doesn't seem to make sense. So either I find something else (which I don't see on this ultra calendar) or possibly pick a 50M or 100K in either really late April or in May. My weekends are limited due to the Navy so that kinda throws a monkey-wrench into it all.

Anyway, this is too much thinking for me right now so I'm just going to mull it over and work on this later. The end goal is the same...I'm just trying to craft the best plan to get there...successfully. For now, I ran an easy road 10-miler on Saturday morning for my last "long" run before Masochist, took today off, and will run 5 before work on Monday. Tuesday will be off, 3 on Wednesday, and nothing but water/carbs/rest on Thursday and Friday. I've already got the pre-race jitters and with still 5+ days to go. These tapers are never fun. The good thing is that I felt like I didn't even run much last week but still logged 33 miles. I'm feeling very good, strong, and healthy right now. Ready to attack the Blue Ridge Mountains....and the Masochism.

Rumor has it that there are data points along the course next Saturday for a raceday webcast. Once I hear about it officially, I'll post the link here. All the fun starts this Saturday at 6:30am EST.

Great job to those who ran in the Running with Scissors Double Marathon and 60K trail run...we had perfect weather for trail running today. Also, a big shout out to Lloyd Thomas for rockin' out a 2:58 at the Marine Corps Marathon...AND negative splitting by 11 seconds. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that's Lloyd's PR...and a ticket to eat chowder at Boston for 2009 and 2010.

Happy Trails, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Mohican has a mostly trail 50 miler in June....a little later than you mention, but it would fill the gap somewhat.

Lloyd said...

Thanks for the kudos. Yeah, nearly a six minute PR.

Have fun at Masochist.

If you get the chance, ask Horton about his winter BT50K experience. ;)