Monday, September 29, 2008

Running for Sanity

I started this entry in my head midday on Sunday as I was doing my husbandly duties and pushing the vacuum throughout the house. My mind was jumping ahead to Sunday evening when Lori was once again coming over for my post-marathon deep tissue massage. I gotta give it to her: she worked on me 2 days after the YUT-C 50K which was also 5 days before Akron. Without a doubt, it was the deepest "stripping" out massage I'd ever had. In the past, it's always taken a day to recover from these but this time, it was a whole 2 days before the soreness left. The end result was zero soreness come race day this past Saturday in Akron. Here's another shameless plug for her: she works at a well-known facility bordering Stow and Hudson part-time, runs a studio out of her home in Mantua, and has a few other options in meeting with clients. From what I hear, a few of you have already contacted her. You can contact her or visit her site for more details. To me, she's a valuable component of keeping me healthy and injury free during these treks in pursuit of sanity. That reminds me...the subject of today's entry:

I got to church on Sunday morning and a friend asked: "Run any marathons lately?"...joking, of course. I said "Yea, yesterday in Akron." The common astonished look was there, common to many of those who consider us "insane." Of course, I couldn't let it go there. "I ran a 50K for about 7 hours last Saturday, too." I forget his exact words, but the general idea was "crazy," "insane," "nuts,"...take your pick. OK, follow me back to my aimless thoughts while vacuuming on Sunday night. After the massage, all I really cared about was getting to bed as soon as I could so I could run in the morning before work. Honestly, the words that sprint through my head were "I've gotta run tomorrow just to maintain my sanity at work tomorrow." I don't know what it is. An addiction? If so, commit me! "Hello, my name is Nick. I'm addicted to running." (the group replies: "Hello, Nick!") Heck, I could fill the first meeting of "Marathoners/Ultra-Marathoners Anonymous" with many of you! Maybe it was only TWO 2.5 mile runs mid-week last week. It was worth it, though...the recovery plan worked and worked well. I felt great after Akron and I see a quick recovery on the horizon.

This morning, I set the alarm for 3:35am. I popped up like a jack-in-the-box and brewed some espresso and was on the road by 4:30am. Super thick fog this morning and made worse by the corn fields on my route trapping it in the low areas. It was just me trapped inside a 5 foot cone of light created by my headlamp. I couldn't see a thing out in front of me. The run ended up being incredibly refreshing 5-miler, prayer-full, and full of thoughts about my wife, kids, and basically an inventory of life in the now. No better way to start the week. My new Brooks Defyance shoes got their first time on the pavement, too. Nice shoes! No problems at all...I actually dropped a 1/2 size in this pair of Brooks but they fit perfectly.

Anyway, there you have it. Here's to sanity and the flood of post-run endorphins! Run on, friends!

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Kim said...

Well, if we runners/ultra runners had a support group, we'd have to have it on a group run somewhere!