Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Look at the Scale

Many, like myself, are in the final stages of their taper down to the running of the Akron Marathon this Saturday morning. A word of caution: if you are one that hops on the scale from time-to-time, this is NOT the week to do that! If you're doing the correct thing (ie: carb loading, drinking lots of water, running very little), there's a good chance the scale will read a number you may not be too keen of right now! Stay away! You want some encouragement? Throw the scale in the trunk and take it to Akron this Saturday and weigh yourself right after the marathon. That may be a bit more encouraging. My 50lb weight-loss ended over a year ago, but I still weigh myself every Thursday habit, and still record it on the running calendar. So no, I did NOT take my own advice this morning!

This week has been an experiment in recovery. With 6hr, 50min on the trails of Mill Creek Park last Saturday, how fast could I recover? I had a plan and so far, all is well. I took Sunday totally off. Monday, I took a very casual "jog" (oooohhh, that's a cuss word to us "runners") around the neighborhood for 2.4 miles. It's purpose was to "jog" loose the lactic acid trapped in the muscle fibers to help foster recovery and also to make the pending deep tissue massage more effective. Monday night, Lori came over and gave me perhaps, the deepest deep tissue massage I've ever had. She stripped out my calves, worked those hammies hard, and often, I was doing my best not to come straight off that table in pain. However, she is AWESOME and 100% of the time, I am sore from the massage the day after then feel awesome afterwards and recovery is fast on track. Ditto this week! I've been drinking lots of water and eating well all week and took another (jog) this morning for another 2.4 miles and yea, I'm feeling well. This isn't my typical taper routine but this week, it's all about rest and recovery in a short period of time. I won't run again until 7am Saturday when the gun sounds in downtown Akron.

So if you're running Akron this weekend, you should be drinking a LOT of water and carb loading...especially today. More today than tomorrow. Plus, don't pig out tomorrow night like many do. There's only so much you can do 12 hours from the start so be sure to be doing it NOW.

Saturday is going to be a blast! So many are running that I know and for many, it's their first marathon. For you, HAVE FUN and just worry about finishing! You'll never forget crossing your first finish line. Then, go get your free Brooks! The weather is looking great with start temps in the low 50s and highs in the low to mid 70s. A healthy dose of cloud cover would be the icing on the cake. Best of luck to all running Akron this weekend! I'll see you out there! In fact, many are meeting before the start between 6:30am and 6:45am. Check out the details and where to direct friends/family to at the finish inside Canal Park.

Happy Trails, everyone!


Bob said...

Your scale comment hit home for me as I've anxiously watched that thing inching up this past week!

Thanks for the encouragement and you're right, Saturday's going to be a blast . . .

Have a great run!

Brian said...

Good luck this Saturday Nick!

Sensationally Red said...

I don't do scales...ever.

Do you really eat Mexican the night before a race? have intestines of steel. Good luck to you!

Have fun!

Nick Billock said...

Well, I typically don't have Mexican the night before a race, but yes, often I do before a long run. I have paid the "Brett S." price yet!!! :-)

Kim said...

I did the "Brett S" last weekend, so I will be good to go!
Hope to see you either at the expo, if you are there in the evening, or race day morning. I may run this race with the camera.
Mike and I are going to run this together, so I am seeing some 'special shots' for the camera!

DrT said...

Nice said Nick! I weigh myself every day. That's a piece of information that is important to running, so why ignore it?

And yes, if I've done my job right, I should be 3-4 lbs higher on race day.

See you tomorrow!