Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Head on Down to the Apple Orchard!

Before the time creeps up too quickly, I wanted to highly recommend an outing for you and your family as we enter the fall season. For the past few years, we take one Saturday and head on down to Rittman, OH to Bauman Orchards for their Fall Festival. Besides the nice country drive down there, it's a great family tradition to start and get some apples you'll only find there. Mark your calendars for September 20, 27 and October 4th. Our calendars are full the first two weekends so we're headed down on the 4th of October. For the kids, they'll enjoy a small petting zoo area, a hay/straw maze to run through, and a ride inside the kid-size train that'll pull them around the market. They will also let you roam through the back where they make fresh cider on site. From the apple selection, cleaning, crushing, and pasteurization, to pumping it into the gallon/half gallon can see it all first-hand. Outside, you can have lunch with fresh kettle corn, hot dogs, homemade apple fritters (and I mean homemade right in front of you!), and a few other things. Best of all, jump on board the hayride for a trip back into the apple orchard where you pay one flat price to stuff your plastic bag full with as many varieties of apples as you can carry. Our girls love to get on my shoulders and go for the ones really high. We'll bring home way more than we can eat but end up sharing with our neighbors who convert them to apple pie. All-in-all, a blast of a time and one we all are looking forward to. Take my word for it and give it a try this year! Here's their website to check them out. FYI: credit cards are accepted inside the market but it's cash only for the hayride back to the apple orchard and for food out front. Google Map here.

From a pathetic running week last week to a great one this week: along with the 1/2 marathon on Sunday, I'm finally taking a day off today to rest and recuperate. Vince led a great trail run last night from Pine Lane along with Brian M. and Rob L.. Even with all the rain and thunderstorms we had the night before, the trail soaked it up like a sponge and was dry. We turned back at the Boston Store and took the Valley Bridle Trail back. Some great hill work, indeed! It was great to finally be back on the trails just before the leaves begin to fall. I can't wait to get off the asphalt long-runs and back onto the trails. But before that, our last VR Training run in preps for Akron will be this Saturday. We'll be leaving Lock 29 in Peninsula at 6:30am for a 16.5 mile or 12.5 mile run...all on roads, and very challenging. A great final push before Akron's hilly course. I think a trip over to Szalay's Farm Market will be in order after the run....YUM!

Did You Know??: on this day in history, Frank Shorter won the gold medal in the men's marathon at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. When will American marathoners return to the podium???

Oh yes, very Happy Trails to you all!

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DrT said...

Hi Nick,

I just wanted to write and say that I am reading and enjoying your blog, even though I don't comment (often).

See you Saturday!

- George