Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where did Spring go?

It seems like yesterday that the snow was higher than my mailbox and now the thermometer is hitting 90F. Spring, while it lasted, sure was nice. Along with heat and humidity comes the re-acclimatization to running in the heat. With the Burning River 100 less than 2 months away and knowing that this past weekend's weather could easily be the weather on August 2/3, I've got to get a lot of time out in it. As many of you know, I have vaso-vagal syncopy so dehydration is a big enemy of mine. Fighting against it is goal #1. Salt tabs, good electrolytes, and staying hydrated 24/7 has got to be a primary focus. I knew when I came back from an easy 8 miler this morning, no rain, and I was drenched that I've got to focus on that water...always. Yesterday, I knocked out 17 miles on the Boston-Oak Grove portion of the Buckeye Trail and it totally wiped me out. However, the trails were in awesome shape...amazing since we got so much rain earlier in the week. This week starts a few 2-a-days. I need to start "teaching" myself to run when I'm exhausted at the end of the day...after running early in the morning and working a regular work-day. Goal now is to ramp up to 60-70 miles per week from 40-50 miles per week where I've been for over a year.

Sorry for no pics today...too darn hot and humid to carry the camera yesterday...maybe on this Wednesday's night trail run I'll get some...we'll see.

I saw a commercial earlier today that happens to be posted on YouTube....shocker, huh?! If you have kids, you've heard the background music (from "High School Musical"). It was produced by The Foundation for a Better Life. Don't leave before you watch this! Be inspired!

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