Monday, August 1, 2016

M-Cubed for 8.1.2016

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for August First, Two-Thousand Sixteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- August. The county fair, some kids return to school, most flowers are dead or hanging on for dear life that once thrived in the Spring, and the month without a holiday. Also the month when reality hits that summer is nearing an end and if there is something you want to get done, you best get on it before Fall and 'ol man winter rolls in. Regardless, Happy August 1st!

- This past Saturday, I had the chance to compete in my 2nd ever CrossFit competition at Advanced Performance CrossFit (APC) in Wadsworth, OH. Since I've been working out in my garage since April 1st, I was really looking forward to the competitive juices flowing as I got the opportunity to compete side-by-side with like-minded athletes.  From 9am until just prior to 4pm, I participated in 3 events and ended up 5th out of 12 men in the scaled division. Scaled = reduced weight and some reduced complexity in a few movements. I chose scaled due to the fact there were a few things in the "Rx" division that I just can't do efficiently yet or at all. I definitely made the right call. Over all, I gave maximum effort throughout the day and had a blast. Big kudos to Ashleigh who was the only person I knew there and was a member at my last gym with me. It was her first CrossFit competition and she crushed it! Here are just a few photos from the day:
I did everything in the blue. Event #1 ended up being the last event of the day. They also added carrying a 20lb slam ball on that 800m run.

Lateral Burpees


Event 2 "Double Trouble" ... amazingly, I did those 75 wall-balls (14lbs) UNBROKEN!

Crazy 8... one of the 64 overhead squats (75lbs)

Crazy 8 ... returning from the 800m run with 20lb slam ball
- Hard to believe it's been 5 years already at the rank of lieutenant. Today, the silver bars are shed and a gold oak leaf added. It has seemed like the day would never arrive but finally, it has! Looking forward to seeing friends and family I haven't seen in awhile and having my girls do the honor of removing one rank while adding the new one.

- Good 'ol GORUCK closed out their Christmas in July sales event with a carrot too big to pass up. Back in June, I went to Detroit and participated in my first-ever event, the 25hr GORUCK Heavy and finished...but didn't finish the intended goal of the two following events, the Tough and Light. All 3 make up the "HTL" that isn't an event in itself, more like a crazy, insane goal. Well, there is a GORUCK HTL "opportunity" coming to Columbus, OH over Memorial Day weekend in 2017 so I caved and signed up for all 3. So far, there is already a nice compliment of Detroit Heavy participants heading down for either one or all 3 events. It's a long time away but I'm looking forward to the chance to get my HTL patch once again.

- Netflix and binge...haven't done much of that but I did last Monday-Wednesday. Heard of "Stranger Things?" Think Goonies meet X-Files meet E.T. ... in 1983, complete with cheesy synthesizer music and bad hairstyles. It's an awesome 8 episode series that just got confirmed for a 2nd season or sequel to the first. It's done so well that it's now passed up "Orange is the New Black" in popularity and viewership.

- Things in the home gym/box have been going AWESOME. I have really found my groove and honestly, I feel stronger than on April 1st when our last gym went out of business and we built out our garage. I have definitely found myself gravitating towards those high intensity workouts that suck more than others but keep focusing on many fundamentals to keep myself safe and strong. My goal is not to participate in a lot of competitions. It's more to stay fit and, I enjoy taking myself to that dark mental place where I WANT to quit but refuse. It's made more awesome, too, that I share this journey with my wife. It's going great!

A little app fun on my phone during a workout last week that involved carrying this 45lb plate through several 400m runs along with lots of burpee box jumps. The plate carry wasn't part of the original workout. I added that to increase the "suck factor." It worked!
- So who for President? Gag. Still waiting for the mysterious 3rd candidate who is hopefully going to appear and save us all from either a President Trump or Clinton! (not holding my breath)

- This look. "Dad, seriously? You know I love my Bow Wow Sundae." She did get hers a few minutes later but her look is priceless. Bow Wow Sundae? >> Vanilla ice cream topped with a dog treat. :)

- Care to follow my daily shenanigans in the box and that thing called "rucking" as well? Hit me up on Instagram under "RTRSBM" ... post daily on there.

- Now go!!! Go take Monday and do great things! Have a great week, everyone!

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