Friday, July 15, 2016

Finding Awesome Through Balance

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I went back to the very beginning of my blogging days in early 2008, nearly 700 posts ago, and found this gem on the right where I ran the Athens Marathon near Ohio University. That was in the Spring of 2008. I ran a 3:28 or 3:26 that day, failing to qualify for the Boston Marathon which was my goal that day. (I still have yet to qualify for Beantown.) The left photo was on March 31st of this year, the last day we had a CrossFit gym to call home. Since then, we've called our actual home our CrossFit home...aka: garage box/gym. Like a "fine wine," I like to say we get better with age and not only physically but also in our marriage of "almost" 24 years. We've had our ups and downs, had periods where we were more like roommates instead of being fully committed to each other, and have grown in just about every area of life. Today, we find ourselves closer to each other than ever before. We like to find new craft beer bars together, "beast" it in the gym together, laugh hard together AND at each other, fumble through raising two girls together and laugh very hard along that path and ultimately, be completely vulnerable and an open book to one another, bar nothing. Basically, we're proving it's still possible to be in love, even after all this time and "life" happening.

Last night, she joined me to take photos and watch a "ruck" workout at a local CrossFit gym. She did her first official GORUCK event a few weeks ago but since she's still licking her wounds from that one, she decided to just observe last night take over 500 photos of all the fun. As we were leaving last night, I made the comment/observation about where we are right now and how we choose to walk the walk. There was once a day where I couldn't get enough time running alone. I would run 200+ miles a month, I'd devote half of Saturdays to being on the trails and in the meat of 100-mile race training, Friday as well. I'm not knockin' running at all. I love to run. Looking back, though, it owned me and robbed family time from me but honestly, I would've told you back then it didn't. She had her passions...I had mine. We were all good. "Today, we're balanced in our own way," I told her. "I love to work out and find the suckiest workouts I can. I want to be strong and be the best I can be. I love to ruck, too, and all the friends I have met. There is no one thing I'm gung ho on. That doesn't mean I don't give maximum effort, it just means it doesn't own me nor define me." Some weekends, for's crazy and I'm "all in" on a particular activity but it's all about balance. Taking the time to talk, listen, put the devices away, watch a movie on the couch, sleep in, take a rest day, get away for a few hours on a date, and yea, sometimes just go and be alone. Someone recently made a comment to me and eluded to how all of my physical activities are all I do and ARE me. Ha! It's ok to be passionate about things, ya know?! I mean...if you're not, then why even bother doing them, right? Do them with maximum effort or don't even bother. Yea, I think I heard a few GORUCK cadre say those exact words a few times recently. By the way, your age is just a number...or an excuse. Don't let it define your ability or put any restriction on what you can or cannot do. YOU can do anything you want! Now how about some photos from last night's fun?!

Situps...not the traditional kind.

Creating a scene at the local rec center. Always a kid at heart!

Buddy Bear Crawls...Joe wasn't allowed to use his feet at all. Just be a dead weight, essentially. An awesome should try it!

Ever heard of the Turkish Get-Up? It's normally used with a dumbbell or kettlebell. Same movement but using a 60lb sandbag. Another first for me. We got 98 reps in a 10min timeframe. This was our warmup for the evening. :)

Our evening ended around 9pm with these overhead presses. Position 1 here, then to the shoulders, then locked out overhead.
Last but not least, a few local friends dropped a little present off at our house today. I haven't yet seen this, but my bride was kind enough to test it out and send me this video. Fun times ahead!

~ Chris CT, Old Glory Armory and GORUCK Cadre
Have a great weekend, friends!

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