Monday, June 22, 2015

M-Cubed for 6.22.2015

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for June Twenty-Second, Two-Thousand Fifteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Good morning, friends, and my apologies for no M-Cubed a week ago. A little thing called family vacation was in full swing at the time. I took my family on a 10 1/2 hour road trip to Cape Cod, MA for the second time in about 8 years, specifically Falmouth, MA. I'll ask them again soon but I do believe they all had a great week. Highlights included a day in Boston, MA where we walked the Freedom Trail, stood atop the Boston Marathon finish line, and pushed our young girls to the limit as they covered many miles on foot. Another day took us to Newport, RI where I gave them a driving tour of the naval base, lunch at the Officers Club, a walk around Fort Adams along with a stop at the Eisenhower House, some mansion viewing and finally dinner with grilled calamari. A rainy day brought us to the only craft brewery on the cape, Cape Cod Beer, where we got the free tour led by none other than a CrossFit Level 1 trainer (sweet!), a tour of the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory, and a viewing of Jurassic World. Loved it! Hmmm...another day took us less than an hour north to Plymouth where we saw where the Pilgrims hit Plymouth Rock, we toured the Mayflower II (the to-scale replica of the original Mayflower) and even found another craft brewer, the Mayflower Brewing Company. Another great day! The rest of the time was spent relaxing, sleeping in and I did squeeze in a few runs along the coast. Below are just a few snapshots of our time away.
The Mayflower II in Plymouth, MA

Dodging traffic to stand atop the Boston Marathon Finish Line...something I've never done!

Fort Adams

Favorite photo whilst running in Cape Cod. This is "Green Pond." Postcard worthy!

Last day of running along the coast. A beautiful morning but never saw the sun!
- So we saw Jurassic World. Loved it. To me, that was the true sequel to the original Jurassic Park some 20 years ago. I really appreciated how Steven Spielberg tied in so many little details from the original...and I'll be honest (spoiler alert!), I forgot about the T-Rex! Great movie. After we got home, we had a date nite at home and watched "Listen to Your Heart" on Netflix. I just can't recommend this one highly enough. I do love music (listening to the Classical channel right now on iTunes Radio as I type) and can appreciate a raw, authentic, "human" love story. This is it. I may watch it again, too. (Cybill Shepherd only has a co-star role...everyone else, you probably have never heard of) Looking forward, I'll admit that I am looking forward to seeing "Inside Out" by Disney/Pixar. I caught a piece of an interview with the writer at Pixar who made the movie while driving to Cape Cod on NPR. The birth of the movie came from his actual 12 year old daughter and wondering about all the things that go on inside her brain. From that came forth the beginning of Inside Out. Looking forward to it!

- I started typing a blog post on Saturday about the shooting massacre at the church in South Carolina and into my second paragraph, I deleted the post and put the computer away. I have lots of thoughts on the tragedy but I'll just say a few things here today and let it go.
  • Politicians: get off your agenda and desire for re-election by using this to re-ignite the gun control debate. NO LAW would've kept this hate crime from happening. If someone wants to get a firearm to kill others like this, they'll get it....with or without the help from Uncle Sam. Period.
  • Confederate Flag: If you dig into the history of the flag, it's beginning was not founded on hate or racist motives. That's an arguing point for those wanting to keep it on license plates and flying over the SC capitol. HOWEVER, I will agree with those who say that TODAY, it does not represent what it once did. Be honest: what do you immediately think when you see a big 'ol truck with that flag plastered across the back window and who do you think will be driving the truck when you look? What do you automatically "assume" when you see someone parading that flag? All food for thought. My opinion: in today's society, it has no place. It has a place in history that is fully justified but it doesn't represent anything good today. That's just a reality.
  • The real issue: The real issue here is a heart-sick country and lack of leadership that begins in the home. Broken homes, lack of parental leadership, lack of dads leading their sons (and daughters), and a lack of principles to guide our youth into becoming loving, giving, sacrificial members of society. It's not gun control. (beating the drum on that one) You want reform in this country? It starts in the your dinner those bed-side prayers with your kids and/or your spouse. Change starts with me...with you...with us.
  • Grace: The grace shown by the family members of the fallen has been hugely inspirational and shouldn't be brushed aside. They are uniformly returning grace after receiving hate. They are living out the principle of "turning the other cheek" and extending grace where none is deserved. It began by welcoming this young man into their Bible study and continues after he murdered the majority of them. How much will we learn from this?
- It was a huge running weekend and I didn't run a step. Nope, not one! I ran the Highlands Sky 40 Mile trail run for the past two years and it took place this weekend in WV. The Mohican 100 Miler also took place and I have to give a huge shout-out to a most inspirational man, Mr. Ron Ross. He became the first person to finish 20 Mohican incredible feat! "Congratulations, Ron!" I have never run Mohican but Ron has pleaded with me to consider it. These were only two of the many trail ultras over the weekend. May you all recover well! Here is Ron's post-finish interview. So awesome!

20 Mohican 100 Trail Run Finishes
"No quit. I raised my kids to be that way." - Ron RossRon Ross finished his 20th Mohican 100 Trail Run today in over 31 hours while being cheered on by his family.Happy Fathers day to Ron and all the other awesome dads out there. #mohican100 #fathersdayOMBC/Mohican 100/100k MTB, Mohican 100/50 Trail and Marathon Trail Races
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- I'm not going to say much about CrossFit today and I'm really going to try and stop saying much at all on social media about it as well. It's going very well and my wife and I spent over two hours on Saturday morning working through a long workout that included all kinds of movements. (Check out my Instagram feed for the workout details) I'll just share our one fun photo of the session during our 10 sets on the GHD. You wanna work your abs? This will do it! Holy moly...still feel them this morning! I actually got closer to puking during these 10 sets than in any other workout in the last 7 months. We had a great time together! One thing that keeps getting confirmed to us: we are very happy we joined CrossFit 881. It's awesome to smile and have fun while working out, working hard, and to encourage each other along the way...and to get the same positive feedback, encouragement, and required prodding from our coach when necessary. Thankful!

- I wish you all a fantastic week and if you live in NE Ohio, a hearty "good luck" in getting your lawn mowed. Ours is very high and very wet. We need some heat and dryness...and a swift breeze to help us out!

In keeping with Disney/Pixar and thoughts on beliefs today, I thought this week's quote was fitting:

"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable."
  ~Walt Disney

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Saw your post in Run Blog Society! what a great post! I agree with all your points on Charleston. Very nicely stated. I lived in Boston many years ago - New England is SO beautiful - especially in the summer! Have a great week!