Monday, November 24, 2014

M-Cubed for 11.24.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for November Twenty-Fourth Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Could it be? The last Monday in November? Oh yes...Turkey Day is on deck and Christmas is barely over 30 days away. I actually prefer to speed through this season as expeditiously as possible. The shopping, the craziness...let's move on! Plus, the quicker we move, the quicker we get to Spring. Ahhh....

- So let's sum up the running history since my last M-Cubed 7 days ago. 1 run. 8 miles. Strong as heck. Felt awesome. That's it. #stillarunner :)

- On Friday, I guess the trainers save dead lifts for one of the last workouts prior to the weekend because of the soreness that follows. Well, for this looking-forward-to-the-weekend-so-I-can-run-runner, that doesn't work so well! Friday, the strength part of the workout was dead lifts and the WOD was also deadlifts but bar-facing burpees. At the end, I melted into a puddle of sweat but getting there, I gave it my all. I've got a lot of work to do in the dead lift area and have a hard time getting the bar back down to the ground while keeping my back straight. I'm sitting at about 225 pounds right now and I don't plan on increasing that anytime soon. My back needs to get stronger. Anyway, I very much felt those dead lifts on Saturday so Saturday turned into a rest day...thus, the only day I ran in the past 7 days was yesterday for a dawn 8 miler.

- Christmas came a bit early on Friday. Got my first pair of Inov-8 shoes to wear for CrossFit. I Googled, searched, and read as many reviews as possible to find something to wear. Some traction, close to barefoot...those make good shoes for this. Actually, I took my shoes off for the dead lift on Friday which made it a lot easier. These are the fLite-240s. We'll see how they do.

- I don't get much into politics or other heavily debated topics on abortion rights. However, one question to ponder today: If we as a human race consider death to have happened when the heart ceases to beat, why do we not consider life to begin when a heart begins to beat for the first time? Why do we leave that up to interpretation and the courts? If we did consider it "life" then we'd protect it, right? Something to think about.

- In Ohio, we have the Ohio Music Education Association and this past Friday, I attended a concert down at the College of Wooster. It was a band and choir concert. The students were the ones selected from their respective schools throughout northeast chosen/nominated by their teachers. My daughter was one of them for the choir and it was awesome! For the band and as one who played the trumpet all throughout grade school and through my 20s, I was super impressed. They were VERY good and for only 8th graders?! Wow. They were led by a conductor from a nearby university. What a GREAT program to bring together students from all walks of life and bring them together to make instrument and voice. They spent all day Thursday practicing and late afternoon on Friday prior to the 7pm concert.

- Got cheese? I will. Amish Country Half Marathon THIS Saturday! How many races hand you a block of Amish cheese at the finish? One. This one. Before that, though, a crazy number of humbling hills and Amish families sitting all perfect and proper in their front yards...silently rooting us on as we pass on by. Wanna run? Registration still open here.

- Are you maybe one of those guys who can't find a pair of jeans to save their life? I'm an oddity...long legs and not exactly in proportion to my upper body and my quads are big...must be all that running. So many jeans and around the waist they'd be fine but geez...I really don't want them painted on my legs. I'm a big fan of American Eagle Outfitters and I've never found a pair of jeans that fit...until Saturday. Turns out, they carry one style simply dubbed "Loose" on their website. Well on their clearance rack, someone ordered them online but then returned them. BINGO! They fit. Anyway, they are a forty dollar pair of jeans that I ended up getting for $13 with the clearance rack and e-mail coupon I I bought two pair. The best part? They're comfy and a size 34 waist. :) (I used to wear a tight 38) Here they are.

- 2015 keeps circling in my head as for my race calendar. I hope to run very few races but when I do, make them count. Briefly, the penciled in calendar looks like this: Frozen Sasquatch 50K in January, Bull Run Run 50 Miler in mid April, Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon end of April, Medina Half Marathon in May, Kettle Moraine 100 Miler first weekend in June, and the North Coast 24hr Endurance Run on the 3rd weekend in September. The big ones...a 50M, 100M, and the 24hr. The only ones registered for so far are Sasquatch and the others continue to swirl in my consciousness. I also hope to be picked up by Hammer Nutrition for my 2nd year and perhaps gain an entry to one of those via sponsorship. We shall see.

- So it's Turkey Week. Stuffed birds, family traditions, and tough times for many where the holiday brings up memories of loved ones no longer here...perhaps an empty chair at the dinner table. I read a suggestion this past week of setting a place at your table that remained memory of that person or in this case, a fallen service-member who gave their life in Afghanistan. While we won't set a place, I always lead the prayer at our dinner and I never forget to pray for those serving away from home over the holidays and for those families who are at home without their loved one...because they are serving or they lost him/her. It's so easy to forget in our fast-paced lives, isn't it? So please...set a place or at least remember them this week. Our freedom to celebrate the day and everyday comes at a cost that is paid 24/7, bar none. To you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving! (gobble, gobble)

- To wrap up today, a quote to inspire you to keep on charging ahead. Have a great week, everyone!

"I do, after all, love a challenge. Not just the result at the end, but the drudgery in the middle, the hard work, the sweat, the mess of transformation. I love the process of getting there, especially when 'there' isn't a fixed point, but the constant renaming as each finish line morphs into another start line."

-Kristin Armstrong, Mile Markers blog

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