Monday, November 17, 2014

M-Cubed for 11.17.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for November Seventeenth Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- So it's like a M-Cubed a month now? Sorry, y'all. Sometimes I have nothing to say (or willing to write)...or lack the time.

- Crossfit Day 10 a wrap today! Tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 3 (we began on November 4th). So far, so good...and plenty sore. On Friday, I did my first dead lift and still feel it today. Luckily, I didn't bail on this morning's workout because once I warmed up, I was fine. A funny story is this: while working on the dead lift for the first time ever on Friday, my trainer (Lisa) told me to get two more 25's. So, I grabbed two more that said "25" on them. After I had lifted it once, she said "Those are 25 kilos...not pounds." Yikes. So I lifted more than she wanted but I maintained my form. Not horrible for my first-ever DL at 227 pounds. But, that's what I still feel today. I first felt this in my back yesterday when I was on my country 13.2 miler. Speaking of that, here's a "running selfie" from that run...and the corn still hasn't been harvested! Gorgeous, quiet Sunday run in the hills.

- I finished a great book over the weekend called "Beyond Ordinary" by Justin and Trisha Davis. It is the basis for the marriage retreat we're leading in February next year. Ordinary is where most people are....extraordinary is where couples can be. The book is their story of hitting rock bottom...and I mean the very bottom and how they came back and took their marriage to heights never seen before for them. It's one of those books that just about anyone will relate to personally. So easy to read, too.

- After finishing the aforementioned book, I picked up "Inside the Box" by T.J. Murphy and am reading it now. It was written by a 47 year old distance runner and triathlete who turned to CrossFit. It's his account of that experience from start till now along with a good background on the birth of CrossFit. Worth sharing is a snapshot of a passage on the right. Glassman is considered the "father" of CrossFit and this is the first-ever "WOD" that just so happened to be the one prescribed this morning. It kinda gives you an idea of where it all came from. This is known as "Fran" and follows the same 21, 15, 9 pattern. (in full disclosure...I did it without weights on the bar and substituted ring rows for the way I can even do a single pull-up yet) - Click to make the image bigger/readable. Moral of the story: If you think you're about to're on the right track! :)

- Foodie Comment: I grew up hating sweet potatoes...thanks to my Grandma Mary. I don't remember the specifics, but I just remember hating them. Well, she'd be proud of me now because I love them. A new staple in our home is baked sweet potatoes. We slice them up in little-bit-bigger-than-bite-size pieces, toss in some olive oil, nuke for about 4 minutes then spread out on a baking stone. Sprinkle with some sea salt then bake them. Once their edges start getting a little crunchy, their done. Incredible! We also mix in brussels sprouts and broccoli here and there...but those potatoes are to die for!

- We watched Dumb and Dumber last week with our kids...their first time and who knows how many times we've seen it. Stupid humor but nothing really that crosses the line to make me as a dad cringe. So Dumb and Dumber To just came out...Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels starring in it again. BUT, I know the kind of world we live in and what a PG-13 rating really means. So, I looked it up before I took the girls to see it. If you're considering, READ this quick, factual review. Then, if you still choose to go with your kids, at least you won't be surprised. We won't be there.

- Our first snowfall came down today...a heavy, wet snow. No doubt, some weak branches out there suffered under the weight. Here, though, in our backyard, it was beautiful.

- To say goodbye today, I found this quote a few days back. Our perspective determines so much, doesn't it? 

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” ― Abraham Lincoln

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