Monday, June 24, 2013

M-Cubed for 6.24.2013

Monday Morning Musings....a collection of thoughts that have very little do with each other but land here on Monday morning.

- First off, welcome to my new readers. After my race last weekend, I've connected with lots of new friends and many have stumbled onto RTRSBM. Welcome!

- Fantastic weekend and what better way to start the week than with a day off?! Most don't know what I do for a career but I will tell you I work for Uncle Sam. In that job, I work a compressed work schedule which basically means I work 9 hour days and in exchange, get every other Monday off. I used to have Thursdays for the past year but wasn't sure how I'd like Mondays but I gotta tell ya...there is a certain joy to knowing the work week is starting but I am not! :-) I think I'll start it right...with a run with my bride.

- So I attended my first Alive Festival on Saturday. The Alive Fest is a Christian music festival in its 26th year here in NE Ohio. I took my 12 year old with me and we joined up with my church's youth group who had been camping there since Wednesday. Hot and humid was the day but a great lineup of music. My favorites, who I'd never seen before were Sidewalk Prophets, Matthew West, and Skillet. Yes...Skillet. I can see how many mainstream Christians would hear Skillet and immediately write them off. Hard rock...yep. Christian? Yea...most certainly. See it from my perspective for a moment: I like that genre. I used to be a pretty big Metallica fan. In my darker days, I went to destructive music and cranked it as loud as it would go. The more I read about Skillet before Alive, seeing them in concert and hearing them talk, and listening to their new album (which gets released tomorrow but I bought on Saturday) has me sold. They go on tour this summer with Papa Roach which doesn't make sense at first glance. Truth is, per John Cooper the lead singer and founder, they are great friends with those in the rock arena but those bands know what Skillet stands for. It is Skillet's chance to bring in light to a very dark place. Rock on, Skillet. You have a new big fan here. I can understand the words in your songs, too. :-) Here is a photo during their performance...with a full Mr. Moon conducting a photo bomb in the top left of the photo.

- I am pretty much fully recovered and ready to rock out the miles. I did get that nice 10 on Saturday after my last post and even ran by this local farmer. Those are beautiful Percheron horses and he is "making hay." Goin' old school!! I stopped and met this man for the first time and we talked for about 10 minutes. It was great to hear his family's history and farm history in the community...and he was quick to mention he isn't Amish! Great run.

- Lots of research on the West Virginia Trilogy and some exchanges with the race director, too. The race is unofficially on my calendar (meaning I haven't cut a check yet and registered but am 'mentally' in). There are still some things floating around out there in the Fall that I need to nail down before I can commit. Hopefully, I will be able to do that soon. The plan is for me to do the 50K, 50M, and 1/2 marathon and camp at the site while my wife volunteers for the first two events and runs the 1/2 marathon with me. 94.3 miles over 3 days in the height of fall colors in the middle of protected wilderness. "Yes, please!"

- It's going to be a "Man of Steel" kind of day. I've been sittin' on my hands waiting to see this movie but with my girls at camp last week and knowing they wanted to as well, I waited. Well, it's $5 movie Monday at the local theater so we're off to see the latest rendition of Superman tonight. Can't wait! I've heard nothing but great things about it and I've watched every trailer...many times in my home theater...cranked.

- My success with Brooks Running's Pure Project shoe line just continues to be phenomenal. Back in late 2011 when I returned from deployment, I transitioned into the minimal shoe line from a heavily cushioned shoe. This totally changed my gait and turned me from a primarily heel striker to landing mid-foot. Old injuries faded into the background and I got stronger/faster. Being a nearly 6'3" guy around the 200lb mark can wear on a shoe, though. My shoe of choice has been the Pure Flow. It's a relatively light, neutral shoe that somehow, withstands the beating I give it. My first pair got 350 miles on them before I knew it was time to retire them for pair #2. That pair, my bright orange one now have 370 miles and they aren't done yet. Pair #3 have 39 miles are slowly being worked into the rotation. A new color was just released (think Florida Gators) and I plan on picking them up. I continue to love being part of the Brooks family and can't wait to see what they bring out next.

- New gear: I am not fond of back-mounted water bladders for endurance running. They just don't do well with me and I tend to do much better with a waist-mounted system. I only have a one-bottle carrier, though. I learned at Highlands Sky how much I like being hands-free. Normally for long unsupported runs, I carry a handheld and the waist-pack but a 2-bottle system would surely be nice. I found this one from UltrAspire and hope to acquire it soon. See the ring connecting the two sides? That's a departure from the typical design. Looking forward to getting it and trying it out. (product link)

Have a great week, everyone, and keep Running Happy!

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