Saturday, May 19, 2012

Espresso and Pizza at 3:30am

Well, 2 weeks complete at the new job and things are going well. Same government agency but a promotion into a different office/city. Regardless, I am thrilled the weekend is finally here and spectacular weather awaits. Since my last post about my tattoo, it's healing quite well. I had strict instructions to follow and I've been doing just that. Every 3-5 hours, I clean it with water then apply a very thin coat of Aquaphor. For last night and tonight, I put a thick layer on and wrap the entire area with saran wrap, taping the top and bottom to catch any leakage overnight and keep it moisturized. Thanks to many race packets, I have a gazillion of these Aquaphor samples which I'm using. Cheaper than buying! It's what Pops recommended to use.

One thing forbidden until it heals (roughly 2 weeks) is direct sunlight. Given that it's May and I really don't want to run in pants, early morning runs are a must. Last night, I couldn't sleep at all and was wide awake at 2:30am. At 3am, I called it quits and got up. Laundry, dishes, morning devotions, and even my morning espresso with a slice of my wife's yummy homemade pizza. Perfect at 3:30am, right?! I headed on out under 48F and clear skies. It was a super peaceful morning with the dew and fog resting over the fields. Here's a photo around mile 5 of my run.
Around mile 8.5, I heard a loud blowing sound, like air filling a balloon. Sure enough! I turned around on my most common route and in the distance was a colorful balloon lifting off just as the sun crested the horizon. Beautiful sight for me and them! What a grand way to start the day.

10 miles done and 28 total since Thursday. Happy with that and ready for the rest of the weekend. Day 2 of our neighborhood garage sale all day then date night!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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