Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Buying Memories for 25 Cents

Yet another piece of furniture left our home last night. It was a couch that we bought many, many years ago. It had started in Virginia Beach, went to Colorado, and back to Ohio. A friend of mine purchased it which put a nice bookend on our garage sale from last weekend when we cleared out tons of ‘stuff’ no longer needed or wanted. It ended at 3pm on Saturday and by 4:15pm, our garage was cleaned up and empty. Little did we know, but Easter Seals takes all the leftovers from garage sales minus clothes. Goodwill takes the clothes. For Easter Seals, locally they hold massive garage sales every other week for the public where volunteers man the tables and 100% of the sales goes towards assistance low-income folks when it comes to medical needs. Thankfully, we have a person affiliated with them in our neighborhood who left a flyer in our paper box. Pretty awesome, I’d say. In some way down the road, someone will be helped so at least some good will come from our ‘stuff’.
I don’t know about you, but we’ve had it with ‘stuff’. Nearly 20 years of marriage now and we’ve accumulated a sickening amount of it. Basically, we walked around the house and thought “If we need to move, do we really want to take that?” or “When was the last time I read that, listened to that, wore that, or used that?” By the time we knew it, the house was beginning to empty. By Saturday afternoon, we felt like we had undergone a great cleansing ritual and even our girls missed nothing. To boot, they turned a profit! Along with a few of their cousins, they set up a lemonade stand and sold homemade cups of lemonade and homemade cookies for 25 cents apiece. Very few folks passed them by! One thing we’ve decided as a family is to minimize the stuff from now on. That decision has no boundaries, either. Christmas, included! Instead, we choose to go and create memories together that can’t be sold at a garage sale and have no expiration date in our minds. Enough STUFF!!! What’s really cool is that the funds raised from this 25 cents apiece cleansing thing we just went through will fund our first family trip to our nation’s capital. Finally, they’ll get to walk in the Museum of Natural History, visit the Vietnam War Memorial, the WWII War Memorial, visit the Tomb of the Unknowns, stand at the base of the Washington Monument..and even ride on their first subway. Best of all? Time together making memories instead buying the latest and greatest ‘thing’ which will lose its sizzle faster than it took to find the dang ‘thing’ in the first place.
So here’s to cleansing and creating memories. After all, it’s the memories we make and legacy we leave that will last past our time on this earth. The other ‘stuff’? It’s not even a memory…only filler in a landfill somewhere. So go create and live life to its fullest and serve others. We only get but one chance!
Have a great rest of your week!

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