Monday, December 21, 2009

M-Cubed for 12/21/09

Monday Morning Musings for December Twenty-First, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Those 400 pushups on Friday have given me new direction. I didn't do any on Saturday and they didn't hurt my 20 miler. Yesterday, I got down for 4 sets of 25 each and they were not easy. After so many, it's not my arms that are sore. It's dead center in my abs. So my thought is this: high counts of these bad boys and perhaps they can really have a "ripple" effect throughout my whole upper moderation, of course. And in the end, if it strengthens my whole upper body, then I'll be stronger on the uphills on the trails where I power up and use my whole body to do so. I think I'll start out with the goal of 100 per day and work from there but take a day off here and there. A bit of an endurance experiment, I suppose.

- Question: "Why did you do 400 pushups on Friday?" Answer: "It just popped in my head." Response: "You're crazy." My response: "Yea. I get that a lot. Daily, actually."

- As Mr. Rogers used to say "It's a wonderful (week) in the neighborhood, a wonderful (week)...." Oh yea, Christmas 2009 and a great week of running, too. :-) After only 2 days of work, I'm going to hit up some West Branch trails on Wednesday, hit up the annual Vertical Runner Christmas Eve Run-n-Raffle on Thursday morning, put on my Santa hat and run Karen's 8.2mi loop around home on Christmas and then cap off the week with my very own creation, the Waterfalls Run. (I seriously think over 100 people are going to show up for that last one...yikes! That's a LOT for a group run!)

- If you ever think a restaurant has done a really great job time and time again, take the time to write them an e-mail. Not only is it rare for them to get compared with the many complaints, but a little something might be sent your way to say "Thanks for the compliments!" Hey, I'm just saying.... (from very recent experience, that is)

- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: does it EVER get old? Thank you AMC!!! Long live Clark Griswold!

- A new headlamp is on the way: I've become frustrated with Petzl as moisture seems to keep finding it's way in but I've had great success with my super-powerful Princeton Tec Apex headlamp, powered with 2 lithium photo batteries. It was superb during my 100-milers but is a little bit of overkill on morning runs around home and on some snowy trail runs when a lot of light is not needed. So, I ordered the "Fuel" model, a 4-LED headlamp and powered by (3) AAA batteries...much cheaper than those lithiums. It's super-lightweight, too. Princeton Tec makes a great product and in my opinion, they're my top pick in headlamps.

- If I don't blog before Christmas, please have a very Merry Christmas! We may just have a white one here in NE Ohio! I hope I get to see many of you either on or off the trails very soon!

Happy Trails, everyone!

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I have a Princetec as well, and it has done me good so far! And no...Christmas Vacation NEVER gets old! It's the best Christmas movie ever!! Merry Christmas to you and your family Nick!