Monday, December 14, 2009

M-Cubed for 12/14/09

Monday Morning Musings for December Fourteenth, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Christmas. Charlie Brown style. A classic and still one of the extremely few shows that gets it right.

- Great friends. West Branch style. I met up with 'Gombu' and 'Slim', fellow 100-mile runners at 5:30am this past Friday. read correctly...we started at 5:30am and 11 degrees before accounting for the light breeze. It was a ton of fun, awesome conversation as always, lots of talking smack, and of course, lots of chatter about our May 2010 trip to Massanutten. ALWAYS a good time with these guys. In this pic, the West Branch Reservoir is off to the left in the pitch darkness. There are about 15 other pics in my "Misc Running" folder on Facebook, too.

- Mr. Moon. Yea, some people have their favorite teddy bear. Nearly everyone has their "thing" that just makes 'em smile. For me, whether he is full or on the brink of disappearing for a few days, I just love to look at him in a clear sky before sunrise. He was out there for both runs on Friday and Saturday...welcome as always to come along for the ride.

- 30.6. Got that many miles in over Friday and Saturday. 8.8 with the guys on Friday then a total of 21.8 on Saturday through both a run on the Regis course and a short run with a bunch of new trail runners after my trail running clinic. I had about 20 new trail runners show up on a cold morning at Kendall Lake where I talked for about an hour about the do's and don'ts of trail running, trail shoes, blister protection, hydration, trail etiquette, and about some local trails. Afterwards, I took many of them on their first-ever trail run aboard Salt Run Trail. It was so cool to see so many brand new faces I hadn't seen before eager to hit the dirt. If you are reading this and were there, THANK YOU for showing up and I hope you get use out of your Vertical Runner discount! (Thanks, Vince!)

- Cold is good. "You run in THIS????" "Are you crazy???" I swear...I get more of these comments now than I did when I ran 3 successive 100-mile runs this year. Most come from work as people wander in from outside freezing. My response: "Heck yea! I already ran 6 this morning before work!" I really do run the best in the cold. Sure, it stinks for the first few minutes until the "furnace" kicks in and starts generating heat but after that and wearing the proper clothing, it's all good! Heck..."it's GRRRRREAT!" (Thanks, Tony, for the quote)

- I think people-watching at Wal-Mart is nearly as good as at the airport. Anyone agree? Hey...I'm just sayin'...

- Adductor Longus muscle: I went to my chiropractor on Thursday night to get his opinion about my upper left leg muscle soreness since the Oil Creek 100 miler back in early October. It hasn't gone away. Through a series of exercises, he ruled out the psoas muscle as being the problem. He concluded it is the adductor muscle which runs right on top of the psoas muscle and whose job is to stabilize the entire upper leg. He told me to gently squeeze a soccer-ball-sized ball 15 times x 3, twice daily to help break up the scar tissue in the area. He did NOT recommend to stop running but to run on more predictable surfaces, minimize hard surfaces and to not race hard at all. Take it easy, essentially. No limit on distance, though. :-) The link I linked above explains perfectly what this thing has felt like.

- Did you hear that Charlie Brown's Christmas got the boot when the President gave his speech about our ramp-up in Afghanistan on December 1st? Yep, that was Charlie's slot. Not to worry, though. He was on a week later on December 8th. Thanks, ABC.

- Time to pay. I have until January 4th to pay my entry fee into the MMT100. If I change my mind and don't want to run it, I simply don't pay and my entry goes to the wait-list. (no, I'm not considering that) The entry fee is a very modest $150...fairly average for a 100-miler. To put that fee into perspective, those running the 2009 New York City Marathon paid $171 and international participants paid $231. That doesn't include the transportation and lodging costs and the madness on race morning. Add in the Cadillac-like treatment us runners get at a 100-miler and $150 is peanuts compared to other races. The outrageous price of the NYC Marathon is one reason I have no desire to run it. The same goes for the JFK 50 Miler which charged $145 last month. The fee was $85 in 2007, jacked up to $135 in 2008, then $145 in 2009. The race sells out at 1,000 runners and pays it's people well including a $45,500 salary to the race director. Want to see an objective article that lays it all out? Here you go. The other one which will tick off some reading this is the Western States 100...the oldest 100-miler in the country. It's kinda like the "Boston" of 100-milers. Two-hundred ninety-five dollars!!!! $295!!!! Are you insane?! Tack on a flight to California, travel on the ground, and hotel...well, I will choose to stay close to home near reasonably-priced races and support them instead of supporting this event. The event lets in only a fraction of those who sign up in the lottery...only 1 person from Ohio got in the lottery held only a week ago. Talk about taking advantage of the popularity of the race. MMT could do it, too, and people would still be on the waiting list...but they don't. That's the kind of race I want to run and support. Just my opinion, folks...

- Christmas. Again. Yes, my invisible blog-reading friends, it is only 11 days away and then Twenty-Ten is only a week later. Make your resolutions yet? Forget 'em! Make a CHANGE! Both my brothers kicked the resolutions to the curb and changed their lives and between them have lost over 75 pounds in the past year through healthy eating and running. Neither one would have believed it if the future had been foretold to them over a year ago that they'd be where they are now. Forget the red-ribbon-resolution and go for permanent change. Resolutions are forgotten and discarded. Permanent change is......well...permanent. As Michael Jackson would say: "Make that change."

Have a great week everyone, and Happy Trails!

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