Monday, February 16, 2009

43 and Couldn't Feel Better

I just got done watching "The Distance of Truth"...a documentary covering the 2005 Badwater Ultramarathon...a 135 mile trek from the lowest point in North America in the Death Valley to the top of Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States. Many call it the toughest footrace on earth. Thanks to Greg for letting me borrow the DVD. It is yet another tool in the toolbelt as I train towards my goal of a 100 mile finish on June 7th. Every little bit of inspiration, race strategy, and wisdom I can gain may be called on in a time that I may need it. It was a very well-done documentary that even non-running folks will appreciate. Marjie (my wife) sat through it all and enjoyed it. I think I may have even learned a bit about blisters as well. Below, is the trailer for the movie followed by "Blisters 101" of the extras on the DVD. The man in that clip is Ferg Hawke who was the main subject of the documentary.

Earlier today, I met up with Vince who joined me on a lightly snow-covered Buckeye Trail for a 10 mile trail run. I hadn't been on the BT since the winter 50K last month and questioned the trail conditions given all the snow-fall followed by all of it melting. Well, we were pleasantly surprised by really good trail conditions and a superb day on the trails.

Runs with Vince always turn out to be great as we never know where the conversation will lead or what pace we'll end up running. In the end, the pace nearly always ends up faster than expected but a pleasant surprise and conversation is well....priceless. Like we say, what's said on the trail...stays on the trail. (that's him in the bottom right of the above photo) I also shot some video today as well and ended up getting a deer in there at the end. Just before I shot this, I was about 5 feet from another deer and it just stood there...not spooked at all. One of the benefits of few people on the trail is that the wildlife don't hear us coming.

In the end, we racked up 10 miles and I ended up with 43 miles since Friday and I couldn't feel better! I attribute part of it to how I've recovered from each. After any run over 10 miles, I recover with Hammer's Recoverite and occasionally make up a Hammer Whey Protein/Hammer Heed mixture recovery drink. They go to work immediately by rebuilding the broken down muscle tissue. Putting in 43 over the weekend really wasn't the plan but I'm glad I did it. Now, it's mid-afternoon, the sun is shining, and my tendency is to lace up the Brooks and hit the pavement again...maybe for another 7? Round it off to 50 miles for the weekend? Probably not, but it sounds...and looks like a perfect plan.

(By the way, I stood on slightly lower ground so I could "appear" a bit shorter than normal in the picture above...gotta look out for the little guy, right?!?!?) Here's some other pics from today's run. Afterwards, I took my Valentine (it's still Valentine's Day weekend, right?) out to lunch at the Pufferbelly in Kent for my favorite Grouper Reuben sandwich. Federal holidays sure are a great thing!

Happy Trails, everyone!

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