Sunday, December 30, 2007

Inaugural Post

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Chef Bill for snapping these photos. In the future, I promise to use my own photos but these photos are great! This weekend, a group of us capped off 2007 with a 3+ hour trail run through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and dubbed it the "2007 Water Falls Trail Run." We headed out at 6:30am (well, more like 6:35 (tick tock, Vince!)) and ran up to Pine Lane via the brick road and hit the Buckeye Trail...first 1/2 hour in the dark. First river crossing was with headlamps and of course, it was a wet one. Next arrival was at the Boston Store followed by the Brandywine Falls loop, back to the Buckeye Trail west of Riverview Rd., right to Blue Hen Falls (2nd stop) and then on to Buttermilk Falls (3rd stop). That popped us out in Boston Mills Ski Resort's back door. We headed back to the Boston store and then hit the Valley Bridle Trail back to Pine Lane. Of course, Vince's favorite 0.6 mile uphill climb next to the turnpike was a joy as always! We wrapped it up down the brick road to Lock 29. I hope we continue this new "tradition" every year! Happy New Year, everyone!

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