Friday, June 24, 2016

1 Week Post-Heavy and LOTS of Pictures!

So a week ago this morning, we were crawling through wet grass and fighting time hack after time hack, well past the half way point of our eventual 25 hour GORUCK Heavy endurance team event in Detroit, MI. I have recovered quite well but I will say different aches did linger a little longer than expected and overall "engine" power to give it all in my CrossFit garage gym really needed more time than I thought it would. I think it was Tuesday when I jumped on the Concept2 Rower for a quick 500m and it nearly gassed me. Today, though, I'm feeling awesome and in fact, have signed up for 3 more GORUCK events this week. Coming up over the July 4th weekend in Cleveland, I was already signed up for the Tough event on Friday night at 9pm but also picked up the Light on Saturday and fun-filled Scavenger on Sunday morning. Bonus? My wife is joining me for the Light for her first event! Looking forward to that big time. Also, GORUCK announced this week that they are giving away 20,000 free event entries to military and first responders. I used that to sign up for the Mogadishu Mile Tough event at the end of September in Cleveland.

So how about some pics? This is a follow up to my AAR (After Action Report) that I wrote regarding the Heavy event last week. I promised to share more photos when they came out so here they are. After you get through those, I have included a recap of last night's Sea/Land Ruck at Molon Labe CrossFit...another great time!

One of my favorite photos of them all. Sunrise on Friday before we got in the water for the Tunnel of Love.

Awaiting ruck inspection by the cadre. Each ruck is inspected to ensure we brought the required items like our ID, $20 in cash for a cab if we drop, headlamp with extra batteries and the required weight. They also weighed them.

Some instruction by Cadre CT prior starting a long period of picnic table PT/overhead presses...continuation of the "Welcome Party"

The "Tunnel of Love." I won't lie. It was awesome and sucked all the same.

Tunnel of Love

During our first time hack and my stint as Team Leader. We beat the hack. The team did AWESOME.

A better view of the litter we had to carry full of heavy sand that I spoke about in my AAR. Of course, led by Old Glory.

Heavy Class #121

As a team, we had (4) 40lb sandbags and (1) 80lb sandbag to carry throughout the event with exception of the final 12 mile ruck. This was one of the 40lb ones.

Mid-80s, blazing sun and Class #121 completing the 12 mile ruck 100% as a team. There was nothing easy about this.

I tried to carry Old Glory as much as I could during the 12 mile ruck. It was a weighted pole and so many were hurting on the team. It was something I could do and drive the pace at the same time.

A good shot at our team in the latter half of that 12 miler.

Mid-Welcome Party getting a drink from the 3L bladder on my back.
So that's it for the Heavy photos. Last night, I got the ruck out again and headed out to Molon Labe CrossFit for a Sea/Land ruck workout. What a fantastic time! There were experienced folks to people who had never done anything like this before. It was great to meet some new friends and sweat a little, too. We started at the box, did some PT then rucked out to the local rec center, carrying Bryan's new 17lb weighted flag pole along with the 25lb team weight for next weekend's events and (3) 60lb sandbags. Once at the rec center and some more PT, we headed into the pool...with our rucks on. Sweet! Here are some photos from the night. I even got in my first buddy carry near the end. I had tried that during the Heavy but failed. That was a nice little confidence boost.  After the ruck, 12 of the 17 who showed up headed out for dinner to carry on the conversation about rucking and whatever else. Looking forward to the next one! (Photo Credit: Jason Shaffer, CF L1 Coach at Molon Labe CrossFit)
Mini-Welcome Party to kick off the evening...and more push-ups towards the Push-Up Challenge! #winning

So one guy sits on your feet then the other does sit-ups...but under the water. That's me in the center top on my way back up. Hint: blow out on the way back up unless you want to gag on pool water.

"Cadre Bryan" imparting wisdom to all and bringing the joy.

Nice view of the Team Flag for next week's festivities around Cleveland

Some upward presses out of the water with rucks on

As if 1701 flutter kicks wasn't enough in Detroit last week! GET SOME!

Blurry shot of my first buddy carry as we returned to the box.
Have a great weekend, all!

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