Monday, May 11, 2015

M-Cubed for 5.11.2015

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for May Eleventh, Two-Thousand Fifteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Did you make your mom/wife of your children or furry friends breakfast yesterday for Mother's Day? Well, in our house, I was specifically asked NOT to make anything! Instead, I just tried to make it the best day I could for my bride and even did my best to keep the kids at bay for an afternoon nap for her. Overall, it ended up being a lazy, great day and I think she ended it with a smile.

- On Saturday, we shed our children and sorta had a pre-Mother's Day walk through beautiful gardens in Youngstown, OH at Fellows Riverside Gardens. It would certainly be over-run with people yesterday so we walked the grounds early. The tulips were still in bloom, the grass was cool under our bare feet and we spotted two brides who were getting married. In fact, the grounds had four weddings lined up on Saturday. These gardens are notorious for weddings all summer long with their beautiful landscapes, gazebos and soon-to-bloom rose garden. Here's one tulip I digitally grabbed on our walk.

- Are you a fan of 60 Minutes? It's one of the last true news shows, in my opinion, that provides top notch reporting, is unbiased, and unique stories not heard anywhere else. I also recently heard it's one of the only news shows without an anchor. Instead, there are reporters but no one is at the helm. With the fall of Brian Williams of NBC, many believe the anchor is an unnecessary position meant for nothing more than ratings. Anyway, last night featured CrossFit, of all subjects. It was a story that 60 Minutes has been pursuing for over 2 years but finally convinced the founder of CrossFit to let them in. It was a raw and candid interview with Greg Glassman and in my opinion, gave a good look into this world that I've been a part of for 6 months now. It's intriguing and interesting to anyone in or out of the community. You'll definitely be caught off guard by Glassman if you've never heard him speak before. Here is the story and here is the extra not aired during the program.

Olentangy River
- I'm not a fan of being away from home but Thursday into Friday took me about 2 1/2 hours south in Columbus on a work trip. I really do love the city and it wouldn't be hard to convince me to sell up north and move down there. There's just an endless number of things to do and see and so much culture. Plus, it doesn't get blasted in the winter like we do in the snow belt. While there, I got to enjoy a nice 6 miler on Friday morning on the Olentangy Trail that included a run adjacent to The Ohio State University campus and the famed "Horseshoe" football stadium. Gorgeous morning for a run! Before the business of the trip began on Thursday, though, I showed up early to Columbus for a visit to Rogue Fitness Headquarters. In the CrossFit world, it portrays itself as king when it comes to equipment. Well, all of their equipment is American-made and they are based right here in Ohio...actually only a few miles from the hotel I strategically chose. They now have a retail store so I made a quick stop due to being squeezed on time, grabbed a shirt, and oodled at the most fantastic "display gym"...only for use by Rogue employees. It whispered "Come WOD with me..." as I walked through it. Beautiful facility! If ever a blank check with no limit would appear in my hand, this would be a most fantastic place to visit.

- I had the privilege of attending a Navy retirement on Friday afternoon on my way home from Columbus out in the country north of Columbus in Mount Vernon, OH. It was a standing-room only retirement in the Elks Lodge to celebrate 27 years of service by one of our Master Chiefs. While long at 2 hours, it was so good and worth every moment spent there to honor his service. The speeches, the focus of thanks given to his father and his wife, and to hear how his fellow shipmates and former commanding officers looked to him and held him in high regard was awesome to watch and hear. It was one of those experiences I won't soon forget and one that I'll file away as my day to retire is much closer than not. "Fair winds and following seas, Master Chief. We've got the watch."

- I'm not a fan of basketball...most definitely not. BUT, I will make an exception and jump on the Cleveland bandwagon for now. Last night, we all watched LeBron James make the winning basket at the buzzer to top the Chicago Bulls, silence the Chicago crowd and tie up the playoff series at 2 games a piece. They come home to Cleveland for game 5 tomorrow night. It was great to see a game since nearly all of the games so far have been on ESPN and we don't have cable. It was also so weird to cheer for a Cleveland team and not be let down with a loss...SO weird..and awesome! :)

- Last Monday was the completion of 6 months of CrossFit...SIX months! Hard to believe, especially from this "CrossFit Hater" I once was. I've been brewing some thoughts for a new post on where I'm at with it and just haven't jotted down those thoughts, yet. I did take some new photos for comparison purposes, too...those are on my Instagram account. Look for the recent black-n-white photo. (Instagram account link at top right of this blog in sidebar) Leaning forward, I'm more than ready to attack this week and close out week 26 after 3 days of much-needed rest, ready to attack the "Murph" WOD on Memorial Day and looking forward to my first competition at the end of June at CrossFit Steeltown in nearby Moon, PA. The photo below was posted last week by professional photographer, Brian Alls, who captured it on the last Saturday in March during the final workout of the CrossFit Games Open that I did. Much thanks, Brian!

- I read an article this morning in the current issue of Runner's World in their segment for Mind+Body. I always love to read an article that confirms something I'm already doing. Here are some bullet points I gleaned from the article:
  • Start Early: A run or workout before breakfast appears to encourage our bodies to burn more fat according to a recent research article due to having been in a fasting state all night...and encourages us to eat better throughout the day.
  • Drink Water: Chug some water as soon as you wake up. We've been DEhydrating all night because with every exhalation, we get rid of water, it helps fill our stomach when we might wanna feast PRIOR to our run or workout.
  • Roll: I'm a big fan of my foam roller so I was happy to read this. Rolling 10min each morning helps to release tight muscles and activate weaker ones that will help us move more efficiently during the day and will set us up for a stronger run and/or workout.
There are many more tips that are covered for the entire day like rest, nutrition and even caffeine...but you'll have to find your own edition to scan over...go to the June 2015 issue and flip to page 56. Great read!

- No inspirational quote to wrap up this week. I just want to encourage you to slow down, put down your device and live fully. Living a rat race? Slow down and trim the fat...cut some things out, put up some boundaries in your life...say "no" to things. As Mother's Day wrapped up yesterday, I told my wife that gone are days of Hallmark cards (my daughter recently got a $7 birthday card...SEVEN dollars!!!) and flowers that die in a day. Memories, handwritten notes, and walks in the petals. Yea... On Saturday at the Gardens, there was one surreal moment that could've been in the next love story. White petals were slowly floating to the ground from a nearby flowering tree and resting in the tall green grass. It was beautiful as we walked by, hand in hand, and just breathed in the aroma of what surrounded us. If we don't make time, we'll never have's a true fact! So make time, friends...tomorrow has no guarantee!

Walking in Petals

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