Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Call to Patriotism: Part III

Old Glory.  I sure do love her and watching her wave.  The single best purchase at my home was digging that hole last Spring and installing a 20 foot flagpole where she flies 24/7 along with the Navy Jack.  The Navy Jack has the snake and the words "Don't Tread on Me" on it. It's a flag with a rich history in the Navy but also that flag that is on the left shoulder of every Navy sailor serving in Afghanistan this very moment (see actual photo of one at left). It's not the nice red, white, and yellow that you see on the right side of my blog, but Army green and black.  As I walk out of my house every day, I never pass that pole without looking up and thinking about my freedom, thanking God for it, and keeping those serving right now in my thoughts...so I can have the very home I just walked out of and the freedom to do so.  Never one day goes by where I do not think about the blood shed so that Old Glory can keep flying.  It wrecks my world when I see a beaten and tattered flag flying, too.  When Old Glory has passed her prime, she needs to be properly disposed of and replaced.

So here is my Call to Patriotism to YOU.  Fly her.  Fly her always.  Stick up for her when you know she is being mistreated.  She is NOT just a piece of cloth.  It is what she represents and what has gone before us and what is going on today that keeps her flying.  Over the last few days, a friend of mine (to remain nameless) has been sending me text pictures of flags she has been encountering which prompted today's post.  I want YOU to do the same and I am going to create an online album of as many as you can send me.  Tell me the location, too.  You can e-mail it to me, you can "post it on my wall" on Facebook, or you can text it to me if you have my phone number.  It doesn't have to be anything fantastic as far as location (while I won't complain if it is!!), but just start looking.  I bet you'll see more than you ever did before.  When you stop and snap the photo, think about what Old Glory means to you...and perhaps have a conversation within your family about it.

Before I share a few photos with you, here is an article posted by the U.S. Marines yesterday about the importance and significance of flying Old Glory.  From the perspective of a U.S. Marine, it may change how you view Old Glory and her significance.

Here are the photos she sent to me along with a few of mine...just so you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent, Nick. Wait til you see the one I am going to send you tomorrow.