Friday, August 8, 2008

Recovery in NYC

Picking up from last entry 6 days ago, I saw Lori Roosa, LMT again on Sunday night for my deep tissue massage from my Burning River attempt. It's a good thing that I did because she found lots of things wrong. As I thought, the whole left side of my body was out of alignment with my right since I favored that side for 17 miles after I sprained my left ankle. Hips were out, left hamstring was a mess, certain muscles in left hip actually were in the wrong place, and the extensor tendon by my ankle (the diagnosed sprain area) needed stretched out. While not a very "pleasant" session, in the end I was set on the road to recovery. My hamstrings actually hurt worse after the session than my ankle did! Thanks to all the e-mails and text messages from many of you after BR. I really appreciated all of them.

Time heals better than anything so even though I wanted to run this week, I took the time off, completely. With only 2 days at work, Marjie and I hit the road for New York City on Wednesday morning...about a 6 1/2 hour drive across Pennsylvania. We parked in Jersey City, NJ and took the subway into Manhattan, then the NYC subway to Times Square, the location of our hotel. Even though I didn't run, we walked several miles Wednesday night as we walked through Central Park and through various parts of upper Manhattan. The video here is of a band who was performing at the entrance to the park.

They were really good. I gotta tell ya, I was really surprised at how many runners were in Central Park. You would've thought there was a race going on. Runners, competitive cyclists, roller-bladers...they just kept coming and coming non-stop. The outer loop of Central Park is 6 miles.

For dinner Wednesday night, we stopped at the Stardust Diner which is staffed by up-and-coming actors/actresses off Broadway. They break out in Broadway hits every few minutes and then double up as our waiter or waitress. Thanks to Ron and Nancy, our neighbors, for the recommendation!

Thursday was the day to finally go see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the island where hundreds of thousands of immigrants entered our country in the late 1800s and early 1900s. We first jumped on the subway en route to Wall St. As a formal financial adviser and someone who loves just watching the inner workings of the financial world, I really wanted to visit Wall St., the Financial District, and see the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange.)
The photo here with the flag is the NYSE. It's hard to read the words above the flag because of the sunlight. After that, we walked further south to Battery Park. This is where we stood in line for at least 2 hours in order to get on the ferry to the Statue. We weren't able to go inside Lady Liberty as those free passes are only given out once per day at 9am. However, we were able to walk the island and snap a few photos. After that, we took the next ferry to Ellis Island. This is where everyone was processed and is now is a museum but much of it has been conserved and the story is told very well through pictures, theater, and an audio tour. After our return to Battery Park, we walked north to the World Trade Center site. Unlike our last visit a few years ago, we really couldn't see in the site anymore except through a hole here and there in the fence. Basically, they are building the underground portion of the new towers right now. Nothing really to see. However, it's good to see the city surrounding it fully alive and in business. We then jumped on the subway and took it up to 60th St., the southeast corner of Central Park and headed west a few blocks to Serendipity 3's. Marjie had been here not too long ago with girlfriends of hers and just had to have the Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate again. After that, we headed back to our hotel and cleaned up for our night at Broadway. We went and saw Wicked at the Gershwin Theater. Wicked is essentially the prequel to The Wizard of Oz. It's been on Broadway since October of 2003. Afterwards, it was raining so we moved between downpours back to our hotel in Times Square.
Today, I definately had the itch to get back in the running groove again so I headed 15 blocks north to Central Park and ran the 6 mile loop. By the way, this is the loop ran multiple times at the Men's Olympic Marathon trials and also where Ryan Shay died. I looked but I didn't see any marking where he died. It's also where the finish line is for the New York City the Tavern on the Green, just inside the Park on the southwest side. All in all, the ankle felt really good. I'd say it's "All Systems Go" for fall marathon/ultra-marathon season! YEA! Afterwards, I fueled up with the new Jamba Juice in Times Square. Today, we're heading south again to Little Italy and Chinatown. No real agenda today. Just taking it easy and relaxing. Tomorrow, we head back to our car in Jersey City and drive about 15 minutes to the cruise port and embark on our 5 day Bermuda Cruise aboard the Explorer of the Seas. I may shoot a video of running about the top deck of the ship while out to see and post it next time. Stay tuned!
Happy Trails, everyone! (for me, I'll be on asphalt and rubberized running track aboard ship this week!)

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